Benvenuti in amore

Benvenuti in amore

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Nicholas A (ca) wrote: Next time Gadget, next tiiiiiiiiime.

Jerome Y (ca) wrote: Thought it was a bit long but the interaction between the characters carried most parts of the movie through well. Epic movie!

Kenny O (us) wrote: Following the true story now!

Les E (ru) wrote: A touching tale with some good performances. Didn't think it was worthy of too many plaudits because the story was a bit "by the book" with little originality.

Chris P (us) wrote: Really wanted this to be good and was disappointed but does tell an interesting story if you have any interest in Dali sadly it is more the story of his friend the poet Lor?a dragging the story with constant poetry breaks and flights of fancy. Pattinson is an interesting choice for Dali and he does bare a resemblance but unfortunately doesn't have the skills to pull off the accent or his part generally.

Film C (ca) wrote: It is okay but I always get pissed off by every single film sequels.

Dave W (nl) wrote: Good soundtrack, good sets, Arnold puts in a pretty good performance in this movie that floats somewhere in the middle of Arnold-action and Arnold-comedy. It has some elements of UHF, Kentucky-Fried movie with the bits of films-within-a-film that appear early on. That's why the parody of Hamlet works so well, being that it, too, contains a play within a play. Being that a large chunk of the film is a film within a film, I guess it shatters the 8th wall, without shattering the 4th wall which is what makes it work for me. Then again, they mention Arnold Schwarzenegger as a character in the film, an actor who plays the role of Jack Slater, so that adds another element of self-reference that I don't think counts as a direct breach of the 4th wall. Either way, it's a fun movie a little heavy on the cheesy side, but not a bad playfully self-depreciating examination of the action film. At the end of the day, it's nowhere near as good as True Lies which was kind of a parody of itself and the genre without the explicit self-reference.

Tony B (au) wrote: I barely paid attention to this film, I thought it looked fairly cheesy and badly acted for the most part, so I'm very surprised this film had a lot of high praise. I may have to try to watch it again.

Jens T (gb) wrote: James Ivory's Howards End is set in the early 20th century England where the two sisters Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) and Helen Schlegel (Emma Thompson) who soon have to leave the home they have been living in all their lives, because it's going to be thorn down in order to build more flats. Helen also befriends an old lady named Ruth Wilcox (Venessa Redgrave) who thinks it's sad that Helen have to move. Ruth tells her about her birth place Howards End and how wonderful it is. But then Ruth dies and she have bequeathed Howards End to Helen. Ruth's family can't believe i, so in order not to make a case out of it, Ruth's widow husband Henry (Anthony Hopkins) decides to marry Helen, which seems to be a marriage that might not last for long.Howards End is a perfect film about the class difference and how the people in reacts when they are exposed to a different class when they probably should have been there in the first place. Emma Thompson gives an extraordinary performance that was truly Oscar worthy, and of course there's Redgrave giving another stunning performance as another unconventional woman. Thumbs up.

John C (ag) wrote: Directed by Robert Englund, of Freddy Kruger fame, this one is a little over the top at times and the effect a bit low budget, but still a fun story of a happy, wimpy kid that gets picked on by everyone but his cousin Spike. Geoffrey's, who plays the kid has a lot of fun with the role, but will probably always best be remembered as "Evil" Ed from the original Fright Night. Enjoyable movie with a great ending.

Yuri B (gb) wrote: Just another classic in the John Hughes collection.

a m (jp) wrote: Gregory Peck is like Indiana Jones who ended up in James Bond style story in 60's England. ...interesting story and interesting cinematography of reflections

Garrett O (ru) wrote: One of the best Cops and Robbers movie ever made. Don Siegel showed Clint Eastwood how to direct and Siegel is an unappreciated genius. The closest modern director is Michael Mann and Siegel is better. The story of Charley Varrick out-thinking the mob, the cops, and his fellow thieves is a great story. I have never seen Matthau better and his cat and mouse with Joe Don Baker is high stakes suspense. Great flick.