Bering Sea Beast

Bering Sea Beast

The brother and sister in this movie are twins, They have a special thing going on.

The brother and sister in this movie are twins, They have a special thing going on. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott V (ru) wrote: I didn't love it. It had a lot of characters to follow and try to become attached to. But by the end I really did like this movie. I like the message it tried to convey and a couple of the cast members I typically love in movies so it was cool seeing them do something different

Markus S (gb) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It brought back a lot of memories from high school.

Javier E (fr) wrote: Bien actuada, bien hecha, muy bien ambientada, pero se siente corta (para ser un romance de epoca). Es una pelicula digna para verla en permanencia voluntaria. (Texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Pain T (kr) wrote: I like Mcmug more though...

Benjamin F (jp) wrote: Another film that goes to show that like in the past, despite his being better known in the west now for his martial arts flims, Zhang Yimou's true strength lies in his dramas. And the light comedy elements throughout Happy Times only helped to embellish the nature of the drama itself. It has more emotional resonance than just about all of Zhang's films in recent years, and after spending much of the '80s and earlier '90s giving Gong Li amazing roles, he brought out the immense talent of the fresh-faced Dong Jie, who really needs to act in more cinema. She gives one hell of a powerful performance here, and has no problem convincing you her character is blind. Following Zhang's years of criticizing communist China in his earlier films, it was nice to see a strong undercurrent of social criticism once again, this time of modern China, and the elderly and impoverished. Aside from the stepmother and those she keeps close, you'll come to love the characters in this film, and the film itself. The ending certainly makes an impact as well. In short, Zhang Yimou needs to make more films like these.

Leon B (us) wrote: Review:This movie looked cheap and the acting was pretty terrible. The Kato looking caped crusader was awful and the storyline was also not that well put together. Basically, someone is going around taking out all of the drug lords so to protect his identity, Jet Li puts of a black mask to help them. He then finds out that the murders have something to do with his old squad, who he escaped from at the beginning of the film, so he ends up on a one man crusade for justice. Sounds interesting, but it's not! The annoying music and bad action scenes really made this film hard to watch. The fact that no one knows who the caped crusader is, made me laugh because it's obvious right from the beginning. Personally, I think that Jet Li should just put this down as a bad day at the office. Terrible!Round-Up:I couldn't help but laugh at the sound effects through this movie. They made it seem really cheap and it was hard to take the storyline seriously. Anyway, the big showdown at the end was weak even though there is a big build up throughout the movie and it seemed to go on forever. On the plus side, the movie is pretty short so you don't have to put up with it for that long. Now that I've only got a couple of Jet Li movies left to watch, he has definitely made more bad movies than good, which is a shame because it's not due to his acting or martial arts skills. Its basically down to bad choices which will hopefully be rectified in the latter part of his career.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $12.5millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their Jet Li movies about a caped crusader who protects his identity whilst fighting against drug lord murderers. 1/10

Laura B (it) wrote: Just like my family except all that talk about La Virgen

Kris W (nl) wrote: "This film is about madness. And sanity. Fantasy. And reality. Death. And life. Vice. And versa." "See them all in a film about fantasy. And reality. Vice. And versa." 70's cult classic, featuring Micj Jagger in his 1st movie role, opposite the then big British star James Fox. Part gangster movie, part rock & roll Bohemia, it's very trippy and purposely hard to follow and digest. Th excellent soundtrack features an original song sung by Jagger intercut with the movie, making it very influential to the way MTV videos were shot. The co-director is Nicholas Roege, who would go on to work in other challenging films with big time musicians, including David Bowie (The Man Who Fell To Earth) and Art Garfunkel (Bad Timing). Turner: The only performance that makes it, that makes it all the way, is the one that achieves madness. Am I right? Eh? Chas: I need a bohemian atmosphere! [Chas flicks his cigarette ash onto a rug] Turner: That rug's over two hundred years old. Chas: Yeah, it looks it. Turner: Nothing is true, everything is permitted. [on the intercom outside as Chas rings the front door] Pherber: "Leave a message after the beep. Beep, beep, BEEP! Chas: [to Mick Jagger] You're a comical little geezer. You'll look funny when you're fifty. Chas: America's a blinding place for nightlife. Pherber: I don't recognize your voice. Chas: Well, I've been away, haven't I? Pherber: And I don't recognize your face. Chas: You should see my motor. Pherber: [looks at Chas quizzically] Chas: My motor. Had an argument with a cement wall on the way over. Goodbye the Ferrari. Chas: I am a bullet. Pherber: [to Chas, about Turner] He wants to know why your show is a bigger turn-on than his ever was. Turner: [reading from a book] "The old man was called, in the language of Persia, Hassani Saba, and his people were called the Hashishi. He had caused a valley between two mountains to be enclosed, and turned into a garden, so large and beautiful his people believed it was Paradise. And there was a fortress at the entrance, strong enough to resist all the world. Now the old man caused those of his young men whom he had chosen to be his Hashishi, his assassins, to be given a potion which cast them into a deep sleep, and to be carried into the garden, so that when they awoke, they believed they were in Paradise. And there were damsels and young girls there, who dallied with them to their hearts' content, so that they had what young men desire. Thus it was that when the old man decided to send one of his assassins upon a mission, such as to have a prince slain, he would send for one of these youths and say, 'Go thou and kill, and when thou returnest, my angels will bear thee into Paradise; and should'st thou die, nevertheless, I will send my angels to carry thee back into Paradise.'" [pause] Turner: They enjoyed their work... Pherber: We've got to go much further... out. Turner: No. We've got to go further back - and faster.

Mloy X (de) wrote: Doon Harrow (Harry Treadaway): My dad made this. Lina Mayfleet (Saoirse Ronan): It doesn't look very safe. Doon Harrow (Harry Treadaway): That's my dad.This film had so much potential to be good; after all, it had ubber talented Saoirse Ronan as one of the main protagonist and the always cheeky Bill Murray, plus a wonderful supporting cast of very credible, seasoned, main-stream actors (Martin Landau and Tim Robbins) and incredible character actors like Toby Jones. The story was well-rounded enough-- it had an interesting conspiracy subplot, coupled with a tantalizing promise of a grand adventure. So why did it fail to connect with me (as an audience), I'm not entirely sure. Maybe the pacing was a little too leisurely for me, even though there was a need for quick action from the characters, the sense or urgency just wasn't there. Maybe the main characters were under-developed and so we didn't really get to know them and grow attached to them and care about their struggles. Or maybe there was too many red-herring subplots in the film that didn't seem to lead anywhere (the reason for the gigantic animals was never addressed or why Doon, the male lead seemed to calm to see a mammoth-sized moth) nor lend anything vital to enhance the story. Overall, it was okay to watch, but there wasn't anything really endearing or memorable about this film or its characters, which was a shame.