Berlin Babylon

Berlin Babylon

A documentary focusing on the rebuilding projects in Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Berlin Babylon torrent reviews

Lady D (nl) wrote: Bought but not watched.

June W (fr) wrote: loved this movie looking for it on dvd.

Chris S (ag) wrote: One of my favorite TV anthologies. A weird, funny, and often cool 90s horror flick.

Isadore H (ca) wrote: Bill Murray is great in this film that manages to be be both gut busting funny and deeply emotional at different times. Most of the acting is okay, but it's strength lies in the script and direction it takes with being both family friendly and some crude humor thrown in.

Jamie B (it) wrote: The last film to feature the "Three Brothers" together and it is a classic of Hong Kong cinema. It just looks and feels right, a must see for any Jackie Chan fan.

Eric E (au) wrote: The original disaster movie that you probably haven't seen! Yup, this is the one that started it all, before Earthquake, Airport '77, The Poseidon Adventure, and all those other 70's disaster films. Pretty engaging yet overly dramatic, interesting all-star cast keeps you interested & watching.

AJ R (it) wrote: This was pretty cool! If you got time to kill check this one out! Boris is one hell of an actor!

Justice F (fr) wrote: Obscene crude unfunny sometimes but overall it's a good time don't expect anything serious B-

Matt C (es) wrote: Bit lost by the praise lavished on this film and I love a bit of Costner. It's not funny and it's not particularly engaging, in fact it's pretty much as dull as watching baseball in real life. This is no 'Field of Dreams'.

Dan H (us) wrote: Classic, great teen comedy of the 80's.

Sam N (br) wrote: Dont know why I like this film, its shit. Must be a childhood thing for me. Would love to get hold of the soundtrack but cant find it anywhere.