Berlin Kaplani

Berlin Kaplani

The story of Ayhan Kaplan who is a bodyguard and boxer in Berlin.

Ayhan Kaplanın Berlin de boksörlük yaparak geçimini sağlayan Türk boksördür. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Berlin Kaplani torrent reviews

Bruno M (br) wrote: About the same quality as the first, so not bad.

Donald B (fr) wrote: Being male and of said hair type, the reality presented in this movie pissed me off. I grew up with "these" women and know what about the process. The part that I find mind numbing is that the drive to have relaxed hair is passed on in such a way that people give little effort to learning to manage their natural hair. Moreover, the notion is often passed so early that little girls do not question why they are doing it.

Ramona R (kr) wrote: FUNNY MOVIE, MADE ME LAUGH.

David G (ru) wrote: I like the hard work put into this charming 3 hour miniseries. But sadly a lot of the characters feel underdeveloped and motivations are not clearly explained to make scenes fully impactful.

Elise C (nl) wrote: Great actors and great acting, but it felt like watching a train wreck. It reminded me of the film Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Good thing it was short because I don't know how much more of that arguing I could take. If I wanted to watch couples fighting, I could have just spent some time at the neighbor's house.

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Alice S (gb) wrote: Classic Robin Williams at his manically schticky and emotionally naked best.

Stella D (kr) wrote: i haven't seen it in awhile but this is a pretty good and suspenseful slasher that was filmed in my town :)

Kyle H (nl) wrote: 5 stars, again and again