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Brian K (kr) wrote: I tried so hard, I wanted to like it so bad. It's a damn Owlman for god's sake.

Christian B (ca) wrote: Beautiful visuals, great characters, and a lack of shaky cam are all the ingredients necessary for a good action film. Not to mention good set design and holding onto some core elements from the source material makes me wish this movie had a bigger budget so the CGI wasn't as painfully obvious. Overall, a fun time with the positives heavily outweighing the negatives.

mafer c (it) wrote: one of my favorites

Tyler S (gb) wrote: This film is at its best when Walken is featured.I enjoyed the cast in this film, especially Jay Mohr and Patrick Flannery, but the plot is a little jumbled, and the flashbacks that take place throughout the film are pretty silly.The movie centers around a group of rich college grads who kidnap a mob boss in order to get one of the guys sisters back.It doesn't make a lot of sense so you automatically know something else is going on, and it's an inside job.While the sounds nice the execution is muddled a little bit. The film needed more Walken and less silliness.Whenever he is featured like I said at the beginning the film is definitely at its best.The potential of this film was there but the execution...possibly the film itself not knowing what direction it wanted to go in, is its downfall.

Tommy M (jp) wrote: A movie for those who have a slapsticky, random, spoofy, over-the-top sense of humor.

Chris B (kr) wrote: Definetly on the darker side of the noir genre, Pale Flower is one of the best yakuza films to come from Japan. The film has a very suspenseful and eerie score that matches the characters and their edge of the seat lifestyles. Ultimately the film gives you an inside look into the post war Japan and the dark side of the yakuza, and I loved the inside look. Highly Recommended!

Lili M (gb) wrote: It was one of the greatest movies!:)

Sean C (gb) wrote: I found this film oddly hypnotic. Sure it is hammy and predicable but the actors seemed to enjoy their roles, however stereotypical they were.

Eric H (de) wrote: "Sure to please fans of the video game" LMAO okay, RT. Whatever you say.

David F (fr) wrote: The plot lacks substance and surprises only towards the end. Stunning, though, is Cronenberg's ability to make you perceive the creepiness of Mafia's amoral familism

Danny R (nl) wrote: Jacques Tourneur' masterful film noir where a man named Jeff Bailey, played magnificently by Robert Mitchum, who owns and runs a gas station in California will soon discover that he cannot escape his former life as a private detective, when his one-time employer, a charismatic gangster named Whit, played impressively by Kirk Douglas, and his wicked lover Kathie, brilliantly played by Jane Greer, an evil women that will stop at nothing to get her way, entangle Bailey in a web of murder and double-dealings. Astute direction by Tourneur, with striking black & white cinematography by Nicholas Musuraca. Outstanding dialogue, thanks to the exquisite script by Geoffrey Homes. One of the greatest crime classics in cinematic history. Highly Recommended.

Mad M (ag) wrote: Terrible. Travolta's make-up and plugs looked ridiculous. Terrible performances.

Brendan A (de) wrote: Above average Creature Feature in which a pre "A-Team" Dirk Benedict becomes a guinea pig for a scientist experimenting with snake venom, which has hideous consequences. Well written and acted- this is a good time killer for B movie fans.