Best Actor

Best Actor

Best Actor is a movie about an ordinary school teacher who never gives up on his dream of becoming an actor.

A school teacher's journey to fulfill his long-time dream, to become a movie star. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Neha S (ag) wrote: Hiss - U' ll surely want to miss. ZERO Rating !

Sue S (es) wrote: I bought this movie based on the positive reviews. I have to say that I was a little disappointed. Trick 'r Treat is four stories that merge together very nicely. I liked the look and feel of this movie. The stories were interesting. I especially loved the the bus driver story. I did like this movie but it left me kind of cold. There isn't enough character development and the end felt a little rushed. I wanted to learn more about these characters. I was especially interested in the father and son at the beginning of the film but we never learn much about them. I ended up feeling cheated. I wanted more. If you love movies set during Halloween you will probably enjoy this film but don't go in expecting too much. It is a good movie. It just feels unfinished to me.

Iskandar A (es) wrote: weird .. very weird .. but actually enjoyable .Svankmajer claimed that he did a horror film .. did he ? . i guess this film doesn't belong to the category of horror movies at all . the scene of the black mass is really so devilish that a believing religious christian might get a shiver of fear !good work anyhow !

Tsukasa A (br) wrote: British lifestyles and sceneries are beautiful. It's a human drama rather than a mystery and suspense. Life is not all fun. Life is not always what people like. Even so, they cannot stop telling lies to protect something. That may be the way the world moves on. Performances of the British actors are great.

Raymond B (jp) wrote: this is the best movie ever and you MUTE (lol bobby) Americans know nothing about good writing till you have seen this.

Randy P (us) wrote: What the hell? Did I just watch a snuff film!

Jennifer T (nl) wrote: The thing that stuck out most to me in this film is that we see a VERY young Naomi Campbell. Plus it's a fun movie.

Tim H (au) wrote: The second half of part 4. Still ugh.

Stefanos T (kr) wrote: Morocco in its bare form is a love story set in Morocco during some war or something. The film would probably have been boring without the presence of Cooper and Dietrich who both gave excellent performances. This love story should have been stretched into a melodrama but it doesn't. It restrains any superfluous emotion and remains down to earth. Also, Morocco probably has one of the greatest endings ever. (Marlene Dietrich is unconventionally beautiful!)

Adam C (it) wrote: Not as terrible as some would make it out to be, but as good as you would expect for a modern teen-appeal version of the story. I was entertained and never once thought of ending my own life while watching it. What more could you ask for?

Sgt C (nl) wrote: (57%)Very much a movie that owes a great deal of its existence to "Shaun of the dead", and to a large extent that's no bad thing. It shares a super simplistic plot of its predecessor, only here it has got its head in the clouds a great deal more with its comedy bank job scenes and 17th century mummified zombies. The laughs themselves aren't of an equal quality of "Shaun of the dead", and they mostly derive from the very cockney turns of phrase, with the very funny Alan Ford giving it both barrels whenever the opportunity arises, and the sadly no longer with us Richard Briers gunning down zombies with an uzi from his zimmer frame. Overall it isn't a comedy classic, but it does offer exactly what it promises.

Rahima D (es) wrote: Don't mess with the teacher! :p