Best Day Ever

Best Day Ever

David's turning 50 and having a Mid-life Crisis! He isn't sure his "perfect husband" loves him, and if he's chosen the right career. Aging is something he never thought about, but now he is faced with making the rest of his life count and hopes his close friends can help. Realizing that he may only have about 35 years left, he must figure out his life to ensure happiness and fulfillment. Fate changes everything when he meets a 15-year younger man who shows him that age does not matter, and that maybe his future happiness is right in front of him.

David's turning 50 and having a Mid-life Crisis! Fate changes everything when he meets a 15-year younger man who shows him that age does not matter, and that maybe his future happiness is right in front of him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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KBob H (it) wrote: Worth seeing. Deals with the troubles of a really horny Norwegian teenager no one seems to want to understand and her friends.

Brent M (au) wrote: Matriach of a chinese-american family dies and the estranged children come together for the funeral. Potential could have been there, but unfortunately theres no real pulling at the heart strings, not enough character development, no chemistry between the characters. Although, Bai Ling makes a fun appearance as the lesbian girlfriend of one of the daughters. Julia Nickson was a nice surprise also, she guest starred in Babylon 5 as the first commander's girlfriend.

Joseph H (ca) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

RiP M (fr) wrote: Show's stagey-ness is distilled into mild sitcom buffoonery. What was powerful and stately tamed and de-fanged.

Chris S (ag) wrote: Just because the film has a non-linear narrative doesn't mean it is an extraordinary movie especially when most of the characters are unlikable and the story is way too simple. The ending is also so painful and frustrating to watch. And thanks to Wikipedia for the wrong impressions I had for this movie. No, I don't think this is the best Mexican film of all time. That would probably go to either Y Tu Mama Tambien or Pan's Labyrinth.

chris a (es) wrote: You can't look at these movies as solid plot driven films but overcoming the low quality production, the stunts are pretty amazing and there are some laughter, even in another language. A good start to a very successful series.

Colin F (it) wrote: Abit of a dud from Hammer this time, the idea is probably great on paper but was not too good on screen, even Oliver Reed is abit below par in this one, i think this is why hammer avoided making any Cold War type films again, a strange little film though that is just missing something.

Tommy H (ru) wrote: A romance movie disguised as a western. John Wayne seems like he had a good time with this one.

Matt D (us) wrote: Watch this movie without smiling. I DARE YOU.

Luc L (fr) wrote: A good cinematography western.

John M (it) wrote: This is a terrible movie -- a blatant rip off of Tarantino. The only redeeming thing in the film is Janet McTeer's performance as a merciless killer.

Leon B (ca) wrote: The best thing I can say about Inkubus is that you think it's going to be good but it doesn't. The movie tries to be good, but you can't get over how ridiculous the plot as the movie goes on. It's like it wants to stay alive but it can't hold on any longer, just like the movie characters.

Calum B (de) wrote: Well, that's because it's the only musical movie of the summer.They wanted to make a movie for the female gender, so if you're a male and you're forced to see this you better relax your butt and let it happen. The girls want to watch this to see Giulio Berruti, because he is handsome as ****. I'm a guy, 100% heterosexual, but if you deny that this man belongs to the top of our class, you are lying.The acting is average. Every character looks like he is living in a fairy tale, so everyone is happy and starts singing at random and sometimes inappropriate moments. You notice that every actor in this movie is enjoying their work. They act playful and enthusiastic, so you can't help yourself smiling sometimes. The dark side of this acting style is that you don't take the more emotional moments very seriously. It's a happy-family-summer-musical-movie after all, so everything is going to be be okay. Oh yeah, the jokes are horrible though.The movie itself is not that bad. I would call it a budget version of Mama Mia!, because the A-list actors were the main reason people wanted to see that. There's one location, one annoying girl and at the end a wedding with a 'twist' that won't surprise anyone.It's extremely cheesy, but if you fancy a brainless movie night, this is not the worst choice you can make. Don't see it in theaters though, unless you want so see Berruti's abs in widescreen-size, and don't forget the alcohol so you can suddenly sing along with everything.