Best: His Mother's Son

Best: His Mother's Son

Best – His Mother’s Son (BBC Two) was a gloomy drama about Ann Best, mother of George, who was strictly teetotal until her mid-40s, when she had her first sip of sherry to celebrate her son’s footballing success. Ten years later, she was dead from alcoholism-related heart disease. The recreation of late-Sixties Belfast was accurate and, thank goodness, intelligently subdued: no comedy Ulster accents and no point-scoring subplot about the Troubles.

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Maureen C (ru) wrote: It's not really Paul Westerberg, but you'll swear it is.

Rami A (nl) wrote: Primal, moving, has heart, and not the end I expected. This is a sound film and a good effort. The action sequences were done as well as they could have been on what seemed like a lower budget but they manage very well. Its more realistic than anything I would say, it isnt gladiator, its more like a news reporter filming real events. You wont see elaborate constructed shots but just chaos...I recommend

RiP M (au) wrote: Thought-provoking three-hander on fidelity would be better as a play. Cinematically it's a tad inert and the dialogue a little too grad-school-cute.

Knox M (nl) wrote: The Master of Suspense's first of two horror films was a game changer, and took horror, made it HORROR, and even produced a new genre, slasher.

Hannah D (es) wrote: I really like Doris Day as a singer, and quite enjoyed this. Unfortunately I missed bits of it towards the end when I went to sleep, but that wasn't because I found it boring.

Emily L (nl) wrote: This kind of set the bar for 80's teen movies. Which might explain why most of them are so flat.