Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans

Rich, successful Bryce meets beautiful Lissa at a bar one night and invites her back to his house, not suspecting for a moment that Lissa isn't really who she seems. What unfolds next is a dangerous, tangled web of double-crosses and seduction.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   murder,   robbery,  

A seemingly simple plan to steal money goes increasingly awry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John R (jp) wrote: 130810: Though a bit slow at times, enjoyable. After building tension for an hour and fifteen minutes, the story resolves itself rather quickly, unexpectedly. It's unfortunately anti-climatic. The line between good and evil is blurred and there are no real heroes to be found in this revenge story (ok, perhaps Paul Fix as Charle). This film took me back to my youth however, being a western as I remember westerns being. Six guns, lever actions and cartridge lined holsters. A pleasant ninety minutes for me.

Sarah F (ca) wrote: I knew this was going to be retarded, I saw it a few times at Family Video and for some very stupid reason I picked it up. The acting is so terrible, where the hell was this filmed? Staten Island? I think EVERYONE has an accent. The deaths were something my high school's drama club would od for a play. The only creepy part is when they show the little children chanting "knock knock who's there" like some kind of fucking cult.

Khalila F (us) wrote: Asher D's first independent movie and a powerful way to break onto the movie scene. I was touched by this story and the acting was believable for once and not completely crap like some of the stuff to surface from London. Definitely worth a watch if you can relate to London-life

Peter W (us) wrote: I went to the same Christian university as Rozema and I love how she depicts people in those environments.

Don S (kr) wrote: Kar Wai Wong is known for his quirky romantic dramas; I found very little romance in this one. The main character, a young player who doesn't like the concept of work, displays a brutality for women yet seems to have no difficulty finding them. Maggie Cheung, who plays Su Lizhen, stole my heart in this movie. She and Tide are the only likable characters here. The story is sad, the mood is somber, and yet the movie is still enjoyable.

Tom H (es) wrote: Ok 80`s Comedy. Worth watching at least once.

Daniel C (au) wrote: This movie is Sci-Fi gold!

Jason P (kr) wrote: Great movie. Saw it young and it stuck with me. Love the music.

Marilee A (it) wrote: Bravo to Brando for playing a Homosexual (Although Closeted & Married)Major before it was popular.Although it was subtle because of the confines in censorship of the times, it does a great job showing the Agony, Repression, & Conflicts that are still timely today.Elizabeth Taylor beautifully embodies the Has Been Socialite, Sex Depraved Wife of a Gay Army Major who must keep up appearances. She has her Horses, & a Lover, to fill the Void.They have a Love/Hate relationship, but when push comes to shove, they oddly care for one another.Robert Forster plays Pvt.Williams that goes from Stable boy, to Stalker of Leonora Penderton(Taylor), & likes to ride Bare Naked & Bare Back, which adds some spice & symbolism to the story.Sub~stories include Julie Harris as the Mentally Ill Wife of Taylors Lover,Col.Morris Langdon(Brian Keith), & her oddly inappropriate relationship with their Flamingly Gay House Boy.The Film is Sadly Poetic, with a very unsatisfying ending, but it stays with you.Brando & Taylor gave Oscar Worthy performances, not easily forgotten.Disturbingly Lovely in an Odd Way

Samuel H (kr) wrote: Frank Capra is certainly a master. I will say that I'm not in love with Clark Gable's performance as much as I was with James Stewart. Even so, It Happened One Night is wonderful. It's amazing witty and quite charming. For such an old movie, it has so much charm. A excellent watch for anyone who has the guts to watch a movie so old.

Rodolfo R (mx) wrote: It goes like this: Edward G. Robinson is engaged to Ann Sothern and the head of a gang. He quits the gang, leaves Sothern behind and heads to Europe, where he spends 5 years going broke. He comes home to find Sothern engaged to Ralph Bellamy and the gang taken over by Humphrey Bogart. Bogie ain't so fond of Eddie G. and has him killed by a couple of gunmen. Robinson escapes and gets shot anyway, but he lives because his name is above the title and we're only 45 minutes in. He is left for dead by the Bogie's gunmen. All of this is pretty standard stuff for a gangster picture from Warners in 1940. Robinson was still the quintessential gangster and Bogart still had a few years to go until his leading man potential was discovered. Here's where the movie becomes...unique: EGR, seriously wounded is discovered by a monk. He sees the monestary as a good hideout and rather easy work (they're a Florentine order of flower-growin' monks). Naturally he becomes an exemplary novice, especially when it comes to zinnias. That is, until he hires a local urchin to do his work for him, thus violating the 2 rules of the order: Don't hire others to do your work and something about lying to the order. Apparently this order had already moved past the concept of "Love thy neighbor." Bogart's gang tries to force the monks out of the flower business. Take a moment and reread that sentance. Now say a silent prayer, thanking the deity of your choice for the Production Code. For you see, my angels, censorship is good. How else could this comedy/action/drama/romance about gangsters and monks have come to be? Anyway, Robinson not only saves the monks, he rejoins them and blesses the union between Sothern and Bellamy. Actually, come to think of it, I don't remember if he rejoins the monks or not. And that should tell you everything you need to know. Don't get me wrong, it is a fun little movie and its strangeness provides for 90m of entertainment. Sothern and Bellamy are both lots of fun and Robinson plays his role with absolute sincerety, even when traipsing around Manhattan in his monk drag.

Soheil W (es) wrote: Very funny, nice story although it is sometimes also a bit odd, and good action. An awesome Chan movie.

Paul F (br) wrote: "Everything they've built will FALL!" - said every supervillain ever. In this case, it is a quote from the newest villain to be brought to the silver screen in the X-Men franchise, Apocalypse. With X-Men Apocalypse, Bryan Singer takes his expertise with the X-Men franchise to yet another film, this time not as strongly as he has in the past.Apocalypse is another X-Men prequel film set in the 20th century and featuring the updated cast for the X-Men characters: James McAvoy as Charles Xavier, Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Nicholas Hoult as the Beast, and Evan Peters as Quicksilver. It also introduces a new bunch of X-Men, some of them re-casts of old versions of the characters: Jean Grey, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Archangel, Storm, and Psylocke. Finally, it features Oscar Isaac as the titular Apocalypse, an ancient mutant who has been in a slumber for thousands of years. Now, in terms of the quality of the characters in this film, we have a very mixed bag. We have several of the characters that were developed in Days of Future Past and First Class, like Xavier and Magneto, who, for the most part, are the same strong, interesting characters they were in the past. In this case, Magneto carries lots of the emotional heft on his shoulders, as his side-story is given a good chunk of the runtime, and he gives the story gravity. Unfortunately, he is the ONLY character that gives the story any gravity. The overabundance of characters in Apocalypse means that not a lot of time is given to developing some of the new characters introduced into the film, especially three out of the Four Horseman (Archangel, Storm, and Psylocke). And while their presence in the films satisfies a lot of comic-fan lust, they overall do not have much depth. With that said, however, many of these characters are set up to have bigger and better roles in future X-Men films, something that I look forward to.Now, the important thing to look at in Apocalypse is its story, something that is driven by the titular villain who is trying to destroy the world as we know it. And, like I mentioned above, these also are incredibly shallow. Most of the story is somewhat predictable and very much "been there done that" types of situations. Either we've seen them in X-Men films before (the Quicksilver scene, for instance, despite how cool it was) or in other action and superhero films. Like, c'mon, a super powerful and menacing bad-ass trying to destroy all life on earth and a group of heroes coming together to stop him? It's very bland and uncreative, and makes the film hard to invest in. It also doesn't help that this super powerful and menacing bad-ass it uninteresting and one-dimensional, driven only by his goal of destroying the world. I would also argue that the way he handles his powers and abilities is very inconsistent over the course of the plot, something that some might disagree with me on. Additionally, several plot points either don't make sense or are unresolved at the end of the film.All complaints aside, X-Men Apocalypse still serves as an entertaining and fun addition to the film series. The action, while overabundant, is exciting for the most part, and largely makes up for some of the pacing issues seen earlier in the film. Also, as I mentioned earlier, there is quite a bit of comic-fan service, ranging from the awesome Wolverine cameo we saw in one of the trailers, as well as foreshadowing for several of the new characters for future films. So, for hardcore X-Men fans, it delivers. However, for others not so much.In short, X-Men Apocalypse serves its purpose as a continuation for the X-Men franchise, introducing new characters for the future, as well as an entertaining action/superhero movie. On the downside, it features an abundance of underdeveloped and thin characters and a VERY shallow and predictable story. It gets 2 1/2 stars.