Best Man Down

Best Man Down

A newlywed couple cancels their honeymoon and returns to the snowy Midwest to make the funeral arrangements for their best man, who died unexpectedly after their ceremony.

When their best man (Tyler Labine) dies suddenly, two newlyweds (Justin Long, Jess Weixler) must cancel their honeymoon and returns to the snowy Midwest to make the funeral arrangements for him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ron C (gb) wrote: Wacky fun with some heart if but a bit overstated at times near the end.

Ryan V (it) wrote: A harrowing, heartbreaking and important film. It wisely avoids political discussions about the war in Afghanistan, and instead focuses squarely on the brave young men who put it all on the line. I'm in awe of these men, as well as those whose stories aren't documented on film.

Joel M (kr) wrote: 4/10: A slighly below average anti-war film with its poor acting and uninteresting screenplay. Could have been alot better under different director.

Mark O (mx) wrote: It's a slow, contemplative film that takes a lot of time and energy to watch. The script does not follow the standard format and takes time to get to the reveals. But it has plenty of surprises and twists. Great movie for a lazy Sunday afternoon and a martini. Deep characters. Multiple threads.

Guido S (nl) wrote: It's becoming clear to me, Rodriguez doesn't do well when he goes back for sequels. Spy Kids, Machete, and El Mariachi all seem to get worse with each installment. Anyways, El Mariachi is back, though he seems like he isn't in the movie as much as he should be. There is a near identical scene to open the film with Johnny Depp doing what Buscemi did in the previous film. Depp is a welcome addition, but this film felt like they tried to do too much with this movie, when the previous films worked on their simplicity. There are some great set pieces, like Hayek and Banderas swinging down from a building chained up, but other wise, this film felt like it was hit hard from sequel-itis. It tries too hard to one up everything and up the stakes, that it forgets to make a good movie in the process.

Charity B (fr) wrote: Guilty pleasure chick flick. I felt the short stories were charming but pulling it together did not quite work.

Jacob B (gb) wrote: The visuals and action scenes save it from being a complete disaster, but the sluggish pacing and the generic plot lines make it hard for the first hour or so to be, in any way, entertaining.C

Michelle W (es) wrote: The most perfect movie ever.

ZeldaGiygasLord 6 (gb) wrote: "I was frozen today!" is unquestionably the greatest single line ever uttered by a human being. Other than those glorious 5 seconds, this movie is boring and instantly forgettable.

Harpreet S (nl) wrote: Even when I had only briefly read about James Cagney, when I had not seen any film of his, I just knew I would love him the minute I saw him. After viewing Michael Curtiz's "Angels with Dirty Faces," I can officially proclaim that he is now one of my favorite actors. Curtiz's crime film tells the story of two childhood friends named Rocky Sullivan (Cagney) and Jerry Connolly (Pat O'Brien) who rob a train as kids with Sullivan getting caught and eventually growing up to be a notorious gangster, while Connolly becomes a priest. The film basically explores good vs. evil and how one can lead a good life from the conventional virtues of Christianity or religion in general. O'Brien performs quite well, but as expected James Cagney gives the dominant performance. Humphrey Bogart plays a villain. "Angels with Dirty Faces" is significantly better than everyone's favorite (not mine) "Casablanca" of the same director. It's one of the better noirs with a superb ending, although it doesn't quite reach the great heights of "The Maltese Falcon" and "Double Indemnity," the two best of the genre.

Hristo K (de) wrote: If my understanding of this site is correct than this means that what ever critics are used for doing the reviews on the movies here can simply be replaced with monkey. So this movie was given 61 % and Man of Steel was given 56 %. Hulk got 29 % from users, and MOS 76 %, same thing in IMDB fans voted MOS 2 points up and got reviews from more than 300 000 than Hulk did, in the boxoffice MOS did a lot more money than Hulk , like 400 Million more ? Someone please explain ? No sense

Metaflix I (br) wrote: Legendary director Sidney Lumet pairing up with legendary actor Al Pacino automatically establishes grand expectations for the movie Serpico. Both manage to carry their weight in this true story about one man's crusade to expose widespread corruption within the NYPD, and yet in many ways the film lacks the sort of visceral impact that their future collaboration delivers in Dog Day Afternoon.Parts of the movie feel campy, while the portrayal of corrupt cops could have been written with an emphasis towards subtly and nuance. Perhaps this is just being nitpicky. But at a time when these two gentlemen were making other films such as The Godfather, Network, and the aforementioned Dog Day Afternoon, all of a sudden Serpico feels a bit more second-rate.