Best of the Badmen

Best of the Badmen

Though RKO Radio Pictures was, in 1951, still faithful to the concept of "B" westerns starring Tim Holt, the studio was more than capable of turning out an "A" oater from time to time. Best of the Badmen stars Robert Ryan as a former Union officer who persuades a fictional vigilante group which closely resembles Quantrill's Raiders to lay down their arms and seek out new and honest lives. Ryan is undercut by shifty Pinkerton man Robert Preston, who wants to collect the rewards on the heads of the ex-vigilantes; to that end, he frames Ryan for murder. With the help of Preston's embittered wife Claire Trevor, Ryan escapes and turns outlaw with the men whom he'd earlier convinced to turn honest.

The outlaws of the Clanton and Younger gangs are the heroes of this fictionalized biography. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graham B (mx) wrote: Terribly titled, this is not a porno, but more of a family melodrama.Laura and Eliot are brother and sister living in New York running a family laundry business. After receiving a phone call from a stranger, they drive to the family's country estate to find their estranged mother gravely ill and living with a handsome young writer named Ted.Illness and a little pot has mellowed their ailing mother and she sets about trying to put her children's lives into perspective, trying to make up for being the terrible mother she was. In turn they set about dealing with their own resentment and broken dreams whilst figuring out who Ted really is and what he is doing living with a dying woman.It does sound awfully trite Hallmark channel baloney and it is at times. The two male leads are quite vacuous, but the film is saved by the well acted out mother/daughter relationship. Great performances by McWilliams and Alers.Sadly the Ted puzzle isn't very well put together and rather falls down in the last act.

Ricardo M (es) wrote: E o Oscar vai para... Damian Lewis!

Tyler H (us) wrote: Only a few scenes are funny, but the rest is boring.

Simona (br) wrote: This reminds me of Days of Our Lives .. THE MOVIE.

Federico E (br) wrote: Fantastic! It's just.. fucked up and great!

David H (nl) wrote: Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary and Murray Hamilton's performances, for me, anyways are the only redeeming things of this movie. Rip-off of the first one, boring and one of the most laughable sharks you will see. If you would like to see a movie with Scarface the Shark, see it, but otherwise watch at your own risk.

Patrick E (ru) wrote: Everybody knows they want to see a movie with giant crabs decapitating people and then absorbing their brain powers. Especially if its directed by Roger Corman,(Undisputabely, king of the B's.)Corman had just started his sci-fi romp when he made this film, and this is, in my opinion, an unforgettably funny film.Following the disappearance of a scientific expedition from a small pacific island where an A-bomb test took place, Proffesor Weigand's team arrives to search for them. It isn't long before things start happening, and slowly, the team gets picked off by the giant crabs,(mutated from the A-bomb test). It was pretty suspenseful in some places!Almost the whole team has annoyingly strong french accents and with Ronald Stein's dreadful "broken instrument" overture droning in the background the whole time, be sure to have an aspirin handy.One of the things that made me laugh the most when watching this film was when the professor described his theory of the crabs. He says something along the lines of: "Usually a copper atom runs along the electric current until it reaches the next atom. But in this case, the copper atom circles the next copper atom and then flows back across the current. The crabs must therefore be made up of fixed liquid matter, mutated by the radiation to large sizes. They would therefore be able to emit heat radiation to destroy the island. When they eat the brain of a victim they must store the knowledge in their own minds and store it. Therefore enabling telepathic communication possible. The only way to destroy them would be to send a negative current of electricity to destroy the positive charge." WHAT?!!! I guess Corman was stuck for ideas for a valid theory and thought it better to cram a load of complicated nonsense into the audiences minds to make them think: Well that sounds complicated, so it must be correct! The ending was incredibly cheesy. The main guy makes a heroic attempt to pull down the radio transmitter to electrocute the crab. It saves the two remaining people but ends in his death. BOO HOO. Pamela Duncan didn't look the least bit bothered and was pretty oblivious to the fact she was supposed to be acting throughout the whole film.But no matter how many faults I can find in this film, and no matter how hilarious it is, I still think its a classic 50's sci-fi B-movie! Thanks Corman. (Apologies for any mistakes in "the crab theory!")

Raymond R (br) wrote: Once you get past the first person camera work it is a solid film.

Matt H (au) wrote: A little too low key for its own good. Has a few slightly surprising turns. Got to give credit to Kristen Wiig for not trying to be a huge star in only being in soulless, terrible Hollywood romantic comedies and trying to be in more odd, indie movies. Unfortunately for her, none of those movies have turned out that good (though Welcome to Me is kind of daring).