Best of Times

Best of Times

"Pae" Arak Amornsupasiri stars as Kreng, a lovelorn veterinarian who thinks he still has a chance with his high-school crush, Fai (Yarinda Bunnag), when he learns she's just divorced. But she doesn't remember him from their school days. As the result of a drunken-driving arrest, Kreng is reunited with Fai, who comes to bail him and his best friend (her ex-husband) out of jail. Kreng is sentenced to perform community service, and so he becomes the volunteer teacher for a group of retirees who are learning how to use the Internet. This puts Kreng and Fai in touch with the older couple - Sompit (Sunsanee Wattananukul), a widow who has fallen in love with her classmate Jamrus (Krissana Setthatumrong). The silver-haired gent is a smooth talker, but he has a problem - he's losing his memory.

Some people spend most of their lives trying to forget their first love, but some spend a lifetime reminiscing about their last love. Since men are not goldfish, they don't easily forget ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeje W (ag) wrote: This movie blew me away, man. After seeing Andrew Garfield flop in the two Amazing Spiderman movies, I was pretty much done with him. He sucked in both of them and I was ready for him to suck again. But he knocked it out of the park on this one. He is incredible in this movie. It genuinely surprised me. But enough about him. Let's talk about the man, the myth, the "Jew Hater", Mel Gibson. Everyone is giving him a hard time for something he said. Yeah, that was not cool at all but that doesn't change the fact that he is a really good director. In fact, Hacksaw Ridge is one of my favorite movies of the year. The visuals, they were amazing. It's like Saving Private Ryan. However, the editing is really, really, very not good. Like, at all. It's not up there with Moonlight, which should've won best editing, but it's not down there with Suicide Squad, either. But it is really bad. There are also several shots that bother me. For example, someone throws a grenade into a cave or trench. So it's a wide shot of the Americans and the Japanese and the grenade in the middle. But when they want to focus on the grenade, it's the exact same shot but zoomed up. And you don't see it zoom up, the shot just closes in. And then, the camera follows the grenade and it just looks terrible. Apart from that, Hacksaw Ridge was a very well done film and it gets an 8/10.

Monique Y (fr) wrote: This is the true redemption story of a very angry young man who ends up in jail. Entertaining but nothing more. All the elements seem to be there but you end up feeling it was a bit of a waste of time. From it all, I rescue my own afterthoughts about people who suffer at the mercy of their own bad temper; how incapable they seem to control their own demons and how really small things trigger a short fuse that gets them in trouble. I'm talking about really good people, people with a heart, who end up making others around believe they are not worth hanging out with because all that comes out of their mouths is anger and hardship. Add to that formula ending up with bad company who finally make them feel some sense of worth because their rage serves their illegal purposes and they'll soon go from misdemeanor to criminal!

Heather M (br) wrote: The only reason I didn't stop watching this is because I had to see how things ended up for this woman. I should have given up on it because it was a complete let down.

Mike D (ca) wrote: Moral of the story is that nothing will ever change in politics and expressing your freedom of speech comes with a hevy price, that it simply isn't worth the hassle. Inspired me to do NOTHING.

Anu M (br) wrote: Er... I dunno how to comment on this movie.. A LOT worse than I ever expected it to be. The whole Dham-Dhoom about the movie before it was released actually made me think this would be a good one. But nah-uh!One of those that come n go!I dunno y Harry Baweja even attempted to do the movie, knowing very well that it has SO many things taken from Krrish. I mean, nothing was original in it! The Time-machine just made me laugh.! N who on earth compared Harman Baweja to Hrithik?? Geez, he's not even CLOSE.!His dances were ok. He is definitely well built and good looking , but not as flexible and versatile as Hrithik! His facial expressions sucked big time!Wen he cried, i was smirking!So was my grandmother! I actually expected him to be better than this, seen the trailer n all.!but no.sad.I did like Priyanka Chopra though. She was just herself n very cute.There were lots of occurences that was taken from Krish! Even the costumes and settings were a lot similar.N geez wot happend to Anu Malik!!!??! What kinda soundtrack was that! N im sure he could do better music than THAT for the songs! N it was funny agn to note that the backtrack while the credits were running was 95% similar to the one of Krrish. Geez yaar, where's the originality?The Bawejas are I guess, just trying to be like the Roshans. But sorry bhai, u r not even close! :D

Mahalet D (jp) wrote: okay...the acting was terrible. like very amateur. but, kyle schmid. jesus. hahaha love him. and the concept is very original! its a must watch for those days you're looking for a simple, kinda sexy film.

v mhs (kr) wrote: my favorite movie i love it!!!! i saw it when i was like 7 and fell in love ever since i show it to all my friends its the perfect mexican american movie and shows our differce in generations

Gabita G (br) wrote: Foarte frumos filmul

bill s (ru) wrote: They should have never given this film a license.

Glenna B (nl) wrote: Good movie but I wanted to strangle Kate Beckinsale sometimes. Def made me look up the story it was loosely based on.