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Best Player

Chris Sanders and Quincy are both involved in a video game called "Black Hole", and they both want to win the tournament with a $175,500 prize. Quincy then tries to sabotage Chris, but it all goes wrong, because Chris' mom Tracy thinks that Quincy is her Internet date. Quincy lies to Tracy on their first date saying that he is a Home Ec. teacher at Chris' school. Right before the tournament, Chris figures out that Quincy was lying about everything. So, Chris decides that she will "destroy" him at the tournament. Quincy ends up forfeiting the tournament to show that he is sincerely sorry. Tracy takes him back, and they go to Chris' prom. Chris decides to go with her love interest in the movie, Ash.

Gamer Quincy is the master of games until he meets his match. A kid named "Prodigy" keeps beating him. Quincy falls in love with a woman but is frightened when he finds out her daughter is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Devil S (ag) wrote: TRASH RUINED THE FILM

tionne c (ru) wrote: I love demi and selena, but I hate this movie!!

Staffan (mx) wrote: Nja, han verkar mest konstig. Jag fick inte ut ntt av den hr dokumentren.

Ken D (mx) wrote: Loved Saw I... still need to see II and III

Timothy P (mx) wrote: Surprisingly witty and referential, this is one of the rare sequels that is a great movie in its own right.

David W (br) wrote: "In the bullshit department, a businessman can't hold a candle to a clergyman. Cause I gotta tell you the truth, folks. I gotta tell you the truth. When it comes to bullshit, big-time, major league bullshit, you have to stand in awe. In *awe*. Of the all-time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims, religion. No contest. No contest! Religion easily has the greatest bullshit story every told. "

Lori B (us) wrote: The story requires a wilder leap of faith than many people will be comfortable with, but the acting and direction are so incredible that it makes the gaps less noticeable.

Elian D (kr) wrote: Very dialog driven, and has a feel almost of a stage play. Perhaps a bit slow, but with a superb acting all around, even by Fraser.

Scott W (es) wrote: This movie is a lot of fun. Most movies about bands spent a lot of time on the troubles they have and the inevitable breakup. This one spends about five minutes on it and is just focused on being entertaining and light. I'm not a big Liv Tyler fan but she's good here. I'll probably have the title song in my head for the next week, but that's ok, it's pretty catchy. This movie doesn't have much in the way of plot or conflict but it's a good way to spend 100 minutes.

Bill B (kr) wrote: Low budget Aussie horror film load with splattery fun pretty much from the first frame onward.I caught this via Netfux Instant Watch and it made for an amusing evening with friends, which is probably the only way I could imagine re-watching it, as it doesn't have a whole lot going for it aside from the gore and wet effects.Rental?

John P (jp) wrote: A surprisingly dark and twisted soapy melodrama with outstanding performances. Davis (of course) and de Havilland stand out from the rest.

Choen L (gb) wrote: observations of the era when this film was made were put through a light heartedly satirical filter resulting in... this movie.

Heather M (gb) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.

Sam M (de) wrote: It was pretty good then it was good enough to finish off.

Kris C (ru) wrote: Not Harold Llloyd's best, but the fact that this brilliant comedy isn't his best says a great deal about the man. As well as being superbly funny, it is a great documentation of New York in times gone by, and of the near-mythical Babe Ruth.