Best Wishes for Tomorrow

Best Wishes for Tomorrow

A Japanese Class B war criminal sets out to take full responsibility for the execution of American Airmen.

A Japanese Class B war criminal sets out to take full responsibility for the execution of American Airmen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nigel F (it) wrote: The documentary Prom Night In Mississippi follows, believe it or not, the idea to integrate white and black proms in small town Mississippi in 2008, wait 2008?!?! Charleston resident and Academy award winner Morgan Freeman, upon hearing of his hometowns continued fight against deep running racism, takes it upon himself to challenge the local school board and offer to fully pay for the integrated prom (what is even more sad is that this legend offered to do the same a few years prior and was outright denied). From there, the film takes the most obvious routes a documentary can take and delivers the set-up and follow through of this historic moment from the beginning of the school year through to prom night. It is certainly sad to hear about the history of racism in the south and how predominant it still is in these small, separated communities but at the same time it is unfortunately not very surprising. As the year unfolds most of what is promised goes as planned and the lack of dramatic turns really doesn't help this mostly flat feeling film. The high school's seniors are interesting enough and thankfully most of them have begun the process of being the first generation in this area to not care about skin color but this is mediated against the elders, most of whom have no intention of turning their back on the past or helping their kids remove racism from their psyche. Unfortunately for the film, the bulk of the film's approach to storytelling and style are sub par rehashes of documentaries that have come before and achieved greater heights than this. if you are interested in the subject matter then Prom Night In Mississippi is worth a look otherwise take a pass on this one.

Jed D (es) wrote: Whatever happened to Tara Reid? Vipers, is a really fun film, with a great cast. B film, fanatics will love this one.

Lilianetty l (ag) wrote: I saw a video clip of it and it was fantastic! Cillian dint act so well here, but yeah it realy was cool enough to see.

Sean G (ag) wrote: Great job by Cusack. A very emotional and sad film.

ANGELICA G (ru) wrote: i really want to see it

Jack H (nl) wrote: This is from the same company that made The Garbage Pail Kids Movie?

Uditha D (de) wrote: Interesting movie, with a hint of heart as well as big brass ones. Gets boring at certain parts, but the elephant-junkie buisness itself is funky enough to win me over!!

Steve W (kr) wrote: Mamet's debut is fierce and memorable, with a twisted plot and plenty of style. Definitely not to be missed, a psychological thriller with plenty of mind games for all.

Bruce W (br) wrote: What an amazing Anthology piece, I can't believe this hasn't been picked up in the west for at least a wider DVD release.

Tim S (de) wrote: Ok, so I know I'm probably going to be taken to task for this opinion by someone at some point in the future, but I'm going to state it anyway. Mrs. Miniver is not a film that holds up well. This film is pure propaganda, from beginning to end. First of all, the film is supposed to drive hom the horrors of war, but we're stuck with a slightly upper class family, aristocratic for sure, with their maids and butlers, and we're supposed to feel sympathy for them. The truth is that I feel only slight sympathy. If it had been about war orphans or a lower class family, or even a struggling middle-class family, then I could have gotten behind it more. Second, the film seems to be building up tension for no reason at times. The movie begins so pleasantly, to the point of nausea, and it feels like its going to wind down and really affect its characters, but it never really does. Yes, in the end, they're FINALLY affected, but their ordeal feels a bit mild. All of that said, the cinematography and the performances are really good in the film. I liked the very tiny moments that felt real, like Clem waking up to answer the phone and having to clear his voice. However, people sleeping in separate beds is far too old-fashioned and out of the time. On the whole, it's an impressive movie for its time, and I'm not surprised that it won so many Oscars that year, but it doesn't hold up quite as well as it could today.

jay n (au) wrote: Average western with Flynn strong in the lead, Bogie terribly miscast in one of his last supporting roles, High Sierra and the Maltese Falcon were only a year away. Would have been better if it was a half hour shorter.

Ondrej (de) wrote: Funny, enjoable. Overall very solid and entertaining.