Bet Raise Fold

Bet Raise Fold

BET RAISE FOLD: The Story of Online Poker is a feature documentary that follows a new generation of Internet poker professionals during the meteoric rise and sudden crash of the multibillion dollar online poker industry of the 2000s.

BET RAISE FOLD tracks the origins and evolution of the Internet poker industry during the 2000s and its impact on a new generation of poker professionals. It examines the conflict between ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike C (it) wrote: Oh, Canada! Let me tell you something. You can make your cute rom-coms, but you can't go with that title! Americans like their sexual comedy hidden within the script, not thrown out in the open with a title! This movie has some serious flaws and that's a shame because it also has some pretty decent stuff.I once rented YPF...I'm not going to spell out the full title, but that's how it got by in America. It was actually a pretty great flick about relationships. So the cover and title of this movie are very suggestive, but there's not even that much nudity in the movie. Had the writers taken the film a little more seriously, it could have been quite a gem as Emily Hampshire nails her role, and Chernick was solid, but only at the very end.Basically, his character is without a psychopath. He proposes, she breaks up because he's no good in bed. As the story plays out, a different picture is painted with her. But he goes off and meets a stripper. He, an accountant, straightens out her finances in exchange for some confidence building, ahem, personality and sexual-wise. Truly, it's not that bad.The weakness of the movie lies in the weakness of the characters...maybe. To the viewer, the picture is crystal clear. To Chernick, it's not so much. He keeps going back to the psychopath, at the cost of his new relationship with Julia. That's as far as I'll go with the storyline. If they take that a little more seriously...flesh it out a little and make it just a bit more believable, you've got a nice drama. Instead, it's just a bit too cheeky to take seriously. Finally, the ending is nice. His man-slut character lays out a pretty solid line and discovers something. Again, a little unbelievable what happens there but not a bad concept. Just lazily written because it's not a serious movie. And there is some catharsis with the lead characters as well. It's just really unfortunate they went with that title, that cover, and basically made the movie as light as the poster. Even then, it's not terrible.

Emily W (ca) wrote: Even if you aren't glued to your screen, The Forgiveness of Blood will certainly keep you thinking long after it concludes.

Ronald W (es) wrote: I happened to stumble upon this on Netflix and immediately had to watch. This brought back some fond memories of watching this weekly show. I always thought of it as the offspring of WWE mixed with Hee Haw. So much fun to watch, the wrestling usually wasn't that great and the skits were corny as hell but you could not watch without smiling. Even my wife, who had never heard of the show, found herself amused by the documentary. It was interesting to see what the "Ladies" are up to now. If you were a fan then you should take a stroll through your memories and take the time to watch this movie.

Hardy H (ag) wrote: I thought i would like this film more...The concept is great, I love the fact that the story begins in the real world and probably a somewhat realistic situation, then goes off into an alternate future type plot. but I found myself caring very little for the whole hostage/police negotiation story, as well as every character that's not JCVD (and maybe his agent). maybe with a few modifications this could have bene not just an unique, but also a great film. the lighting scheme gets a little tiresome at the end in the post office.Still, it is unique and well-made enough to be enjoyed. And JCVD's performance is indeed commendable.

Caity M (kr) wrote: Mmmm Bruno Campos and Will Estes

Aaron N (de) wrote: Watch it. Think about it.Guilty of using many of the media devices Chomsky rails against, it is still a fascinating and eye-opening film.

Holger H (ag) wrote: I probably liked this more than I should have. It is far from beingperfect, but I dig the groovy score and Soledad Miranda is a culticon. What sets some of Franco's productions like this one up from therest is the costume design. Was he responsible for it himself? Some ofthe clothes sure have a very fascinating fetishistic vibe to it. Andthat quite intriguing non-dancing dancing performance has me hooked.The film really fell to pieces when the action moved to London. Uptill that point it had actually made sense, but subsequently I alwaysfelt as if I had missed some important scenes or dialogue: Everyoneseems to have mysteriously got ahold of info that was important to thesolution of the case without actually explaining how they came aboutit. And the sudden rush of new character developments had me confused,but I bet that won't be anything unique to just this film. This is afilm that could have been great, but then got messed up through Godawful writing, but it's still a film I enjoyed and will probably comeback to again.

Robert H (nl) wrote: Not what it sounds like. (A slice-em-up "samurai" flick.) It's a tale of horribly painful and conflicted loyalties, told at entrancing leisure and laid out in GORGEOUS b&w wide-wide-screen composition. A hands-down winner from the director of "Kwaidan".

RA L (au) wrote: Un sobrio y elegante clsico del cine chino y un excelente ejemplo de cine que usa la contencin para generar gran impacto emocional. / A sober and elegant classic of Chinese cinema and great example of how film can use contention to generate great emotional impact.

Marco P (gb) wrote: Possibly the most action packed film of 2012.