Sunny owns a small livestock farm and lives a poor but happy life style with his mother, Sumitra. They wanted the farm to become up to date, so Sumitra decides to make a move abroad in order to bring new equipments for the farm, leaving Sunny in the care of the farm. One day while distributing eggs and chickens, Sunny reaches up with Roma Singh and both can get into the pettiest quarrels and they soon begins to fight and Sunny offers Roma to rebuild his farm house as a part of her punishment. Both soon realize that they are childhood lovers and attempts to rebuild that love once again, both are successful in doing so and plans to get married but there love is opposed by Roma's dad, the wealthy and famous businessman, Sardar Dinesh Singh Girji, who will do anything in his power to prevent Roma and Sunny from meeting leave alone marriage.

Sunny owns a small livestock farm and lives a poor but happy life style with his mother, Sumitra. They wanted the farm to become up to date, so Sumitra decides to make a move abroad in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah B (ag) wrote: A cute movie my daughter and i enjoyed together.

Natalie F (us) wrote: Beautiful film that is far more accessible than you'd expect. At no point did the subtitles feel like a barrier and although it sounds like the typical teen coming out story - it's actually a film about family and hardship. Celebrating an era in history that I missed (due to not being born) I found this film to provide culture as well as emotion, enjoyment & stimulation. Thoroughly recommended.

Lana H (es) wrote: It's so bad its actually amazing. One of the funniest movies ever made I have it on DVD.

Remo M (nl) wrote: Pretty good different tale of Pinocchio. Good animation.

Sue B (nl) wrote: Trite, but with ghosts!

MF J (es) wrote: Well this time around they send Jason to space in the future and let me tell you, thee is nothing new under the sun. Jason is still super pissed off even though he gets a complete upgrade due to a great tissue reconstruction machine that pimps him up better than if he had spent a month with X-Zibit and his crew on Pimp My ride! anyways the film is filled with references to the previous film of the franchise, the tone is slightly comedic and the film feel rather like a cheap action space flick than a real horror outtake. The franchise started great with Sean S. Cunnigham in the directing seat, Steve Miner kept things ok for the sequel but went pretty awol with the third episode. After that it's been constant non sense, grotesque and incredibly uninteresting plot stories mere excuses for an insane amount of body count and other rather interesting death by the boogeyman. Jason X shows some interesting ideas but overall it's pretty bad and lacking any real artistic value or interest. It's really too bad that Horror in the United States is perceived as something so cheap. Other cultures such as the Japanese one manage to create horror movies that have good stories and great thrills. The genre need a complete turn over and a much needed resurrection in the land of uncle Sam.... I am curious to see which film is going to bring back from it's ashes a great genre that has fallen into complete disgrace for the last 20 years.

Thomas H (ca) wrote: Possibly the greatest movie of all time. The theatrical Halloween 6 (not the Producer's cut) is distinctly superior to most other movies, including Alien, The Terminator, Star Wars, The LotR trilogy and Gone With The Wind. After 20 years, Joe Chappelle's contribution to the Halloween canon is as relevant and visually stunning a work of art as it was in 1995 - the first Miramax instalment in the Michael Myers saga is a spectacle of cinema.The tradition of great films being the possessor of metaphor and symbolism isn't in any absent in Halloween 6; despite a short running time, H6 is rife with symbolism, and yet the possession of it only helps the literal story being told - specifically, the ideas of H6 are the attribute of being one with the story, yet able to be separate.The immediate sequel to H5, another powerful work of art, though comparatively lesser to H6, the 1995 renewal simultaneously gives greater power to H5, and is free of all the franchises' previous history: to use the original Carpenter Halloween against H6 would be to serve H6, but it isn't necessary, because H6's thematic and intellectual depth is as much outside the dynamic of the Myers story.How can I do this movie justice? In truth, I probably can, but it's an absolute testament to the film's quality and status that it provokes such response from a viewer. The root style and vibe of H6 is scary to the greatest degree, but the expression isn't just great for its terror - the vibe of H6 is about reality's destiny, and the very deepest identity of its meaning. The power of H6is to make me wonder about the nature of the universe, and if H6 is an intended act from the source of the universe. From the film's opening with Jamie, and her evasion of Myers, to the events in the Myers house, and then back to the hospital with Kara and Tommy, H6 consistently terrorises, yet more importantly communicates a significant sense of metaphysical meaning. The barn and the hospital alone define the film, but Kara's moments in the Myers house, whether if it's looking for her mother or for her son also make H6 a true masterpiece of art. Marianne Hagan and Paul Rudd are both excellent in this film, the two of them in the hospital doing enough to be greater to watch than Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Pulp Fiction, or Vertigo or 2001 A Space Odyssey. The colours and lighting of their scenes in the hospital isn't just not meaningless, but symbolic in ways that are timeless. H6 is an actual film that can be experienced timelessly.I won't say I'm frustrated with the movie's hostile historic status, but I will say that the theatrical H6 is as much a quality movie as any Best Picture Oscar winner since the ceremony's beginning.

Maggie F (jp) wrote: nice and slow unfolding

Todd D (mx) wrote: Shockingly boring. The cover is better than the "movie".

Chandler C (au) wrote: One of the best and most creative of the godzilla series.

Jimmy P (it) wrote: This is great! Saw it every year as a child on TV!

william m (kr) wrote: A film ahead of its time.

Jos C (it) wrote: Conmovedora pelicula, las actuaciones son geniales