A detective hunts down a young and successful man.

Jo Tae-Oh is a young man who was grown spoiled in a wealthy family. He keeps on committing pretty much every crime that one can think of. He tries to buy his way out of everything which almost always works but Detective Seo Do-Cheol won't let that happen this time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Beterang torrent reviews

Greg W (mx) wrote: not at all what i expected i wasn't disappointed here

James D (ca) wrote: love this movie if you like this kind of movie

Alexander H (it) wrote: Greusome, antagonizing, and pernicious. Not the movie I would recommend to anyone, especially if they are a fan of Adrian Brody. If I do, they may not like him anymore.

Xiang M (es) wrote: It was a pointless movie. All the characters were badly written and the various that intertwined at the end were weak

Collin c (es) wrote: Amazing beginning and outstanding ending but terrible 2nd act!!!!

Yelsew Z (us) wrote: Sinbad in this movie is just hilarious! I wish he made more movies just like this. Sinbad is just one of those guys who were born with a natural abilty to be funny and is good at it.

Nathaniel R (ag) wrote: Feels like a role Rourke was born to play. Aranofsky's films are always tough to watch but at the same time hard to turn away from, and this is no exception. It explores themes of forgiveness, fame and coming to terms with the past with a tragic script with Randy "The Ram" at the center embodying the celebrity fading from the spotlight.

Art S (us) wrote: Almost grotesque in its point-making, Petri's film targets corruption, fascism, and power by showing that a leader of the police force might theoretically be immune from prosecution, even for murder. Gian Maria Volonte plays said cop, the head of the homicide division (but promoted to the head of the political division as the film begins), who murders his mistress and plants obvious clues incriminating himself to test whether he really is "above suspicion". Rather garish to look at, as some Italian films seem to be, and full of travelling shots, flashbacks, and minor characters that clutter things up a bit, this is still Volonte's show as he dominates everything (and even more so when he starts targeting subversives as a function of his new role). I guess it is blackly comic how the police and surrounding bureaucracy do everything possible to deny Volonte's guilt, even when he goes so far as to confess. I didn't think this at the time but perhaps Donald Trump's ability to get away with the most heinous sexist and racist actions also fits this pattern...although in this case, actions have been minimized by supporters rather than completely denied (but this too would keep an authoritarian leader in place).

Grant S (de) wrote: A lesser-known Alfred Hitchcock gem. Intriguing plot, posing many moral and ethical dilemmas. Great direction by Hitchcock, of course. The tension is built, and there are no clues to how it all might turn out. Solid, though unspectacular performance, from Montgomery Clift. Karl Malden excels as Inspector Larrue.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Nope this hasnt come true, title wise!

Mitch T (gb) wrote: It was difficult for me to choose a rating for this film, but I ended up going with 5 stars because a) it is a film like no other movie I have ever seen before and b) its weirdness and confusion is very enticing, despite being seemingly random. I will definitely watch this movie again soon in the hopes of understanding it more.

Jaws N (ru) wrote: Inoffensive but tired in-your-face animal thing again. Could do worse.

Madhu K (kr) wrote: A simple and beautiful plot. Nice story. Excellent background music, loved the song too.... wanted to see more :) wish there is a sequel.

Maksim B (fr) wrote: Refreshingly entertaining, yet much more predictable than the first installment, Think Like a Man Too is an attempt to explore the same very talented cast and to hope that it could have the magic that Think Like a Man had. Slightly less hilarious and failing to develop on the story from the initial story, this movie is a wild and absurd ride in Las Vegas which would bring to you more of what you enjoyed in 2012, but without the originality it had. This time the movie is set in Las Vegas and it shows the couples at a more mature stage of their relationships. Everybody lands in Vegas for the wedding of Michael (Terrance J) and Candace (Regina Hall), but nothing seems to go as it has been plan. Every couple has its issue to resolve and on top of that Michael's mother is turning Candace's preparation for the wedding in to a hell. Then amusing moments begin when everybody tries to solve his problems on his own or with the help of his/her friends. This unleashes a chain of events that is quite predictable but in the end it evokes some good mood smiles.The fact that the movie is funny is, however, not to be attributed to the quality of the screenplay or the jokes. It is all thanks to the extremely talented cast, which manages to literary save the movie. That's where the second biggest issue with this movie us the fact that the jokes have lost part of their sharpness and are limited to strippers and gambling gags. The level of melodrama is higher as well, due to the fact that if the first movie was about flirting and getting together, director Tim Story's sequel is about keeping the relationships solid or alive. This takes a lot of the initial sharpness and sweetness and it is only the wonderful cast that keeps the story entertaining to the very end. Even the awfully lips-synched sequence of the ladies singing in the bar is compensated later by the overall performances. As a whole, Think Like a Man Too is a lesser delivery in comparison with its predecessor, but it still succeeds to entertain and to provide you with the good mood you are searching for when deciding to watch it.

Sandra V (jp) wrote: Wow, who knew Meg Ryan had it in her? Wish she'd played more roles like this.