A day like any other day, in a peaceful and well guarded private neighborhood, Pedro Chazarreta is found dead. News are quickly spread: Chazarreta is not only a powerful businessman, but ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Betibú 2014 full movies, Betibú torrents movie

A day like any other day, in a peaceful and well guarded private neighborhood, Pedro Chazarreta is found dead. News are quickly spread: Chazarreta is not only a powerful businessman, but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Betibú torrent reviews

Mayank F (nl) wrote: it was creepy and predictable at times.....but this movie defines dat horror is not d high-pitched sounds from out of the blue, but it is totally situational... fine acting by d cast.old cinema really played its cards right.

Kyle B (au) wrote: It's interesting to a point but just uncomfortable to watch at times.

Pourya E (fr) wrote: After only two movies I have become a devoted fan of the beautiful and talented Nadine Labaki. After tackling social and cultural issues in "Caramel" she does an excellent job at looking at the delicate matter of religious conflicts which still go on around the world, often between neighbors, in a very clever way. Labaki manages to put a finger on the misunderstandings through humor and unveils the micro tragedy behind the macro tragedy.

YK G (nl) wrote: I knew this story as a romanticized game of 5 level and 6 bosses. This one is made like a mobster movie instead.

Jenn T (mx) wrote: Not horrible but still a B rated sci-fi.

Asha V (de) wrote: this movie was funny

armand e (us) wrote: hmmm... "closer in tone to ghost in the shell huh?"... we'll see...

Jamey T (ca) wrote: This is a touching drama about an eccentric mother and her down-to-earth daughter, and the struggles they face as they attempt to make their way in this world. Ann (Natalie Portman) consistently presses her mother, Adele (Susan Sarandon), to allow her to talk to her father, and has to deal with the consequences when the conversation doesn(TM)t go as planned. Adele has to learn to allow her daughter to grow up, and accept that she(TM)s more responsible than her mother. The love between the two is evident, and it is an interesting drama to get caught up in.There is some profanity and references to sexuality, but it is an overall clean film with some lessons to be learned. I enjoyed it.(June 30th, 2011)

Scott K (kr) wrote: A decent 90's horror/thriller.

Clay B (gb) wrote: DEATH WISH 4: THE CRACKDOWN (1987)

Dan J (us) wrote: Tsui Hark. gotta love it.

Aaron C (it) wrote: snorefest aided by the theme lullaby

Eric B (es) wrote: As a documentary film, it's probably standard for it's time, but the content-the subject matter-the event itself-is priceless and unique, both as an extension of Black empowerment and as a cultural and promotional tool for Stax Records. The hair and dress styles are amazing. The Chuck D. commentary adds an excellent, modern perspective.

bernard a (fr) wrote: Post-war Tokyo is the setting for Akira Kurosawa's touching romantic drama ONE WONDERFUL SUNDAY - offering a glimpse of a city struggling to regain a semblance of normalcy in the wake of a devastating war via the experiences of a young betrothed couple - Yuzo (Isao Numasaki) and Masako (Chieko Nakakita - she also appeared in Kurosawa's DRUNKEN ANGEL). They often spend Sunday together - the only time of the week that they can see each other. Complicating the matter is the fact they have but 35 yen to spend (after they have pooled their money together.) Both Yuzo and Masako are struggling to make ends meet as office workers earning meager pay. Yuzo is a former soldier sharing a tiny apartment with a roommate. Masako still lives with her large family in a "tiny house". He is the more pragmatic of the two but is becoming more and more morose about his financial situation (which doesn't appear likely to improve any time soon.) He smokes cigarette butts he finds on the sidewalk because he cannot afford to buy his own. She, on the other hand, is the more cheerful and optimistic of the two - able to foresee a much brighter and happier future. Masako can even put a positive spin on it when Yuzo notices the holes on the soles of her shoes - "the better they are to drain when they get wet." Early in the film, Masako tries to persuade Yuzo to look at a model home. He is reluctant to enter. For Yuzo, the selling price of the home (100,000 yen) is a seemingly unobtainable figure. Meanwhile, Masako imagines the types of furniture she will place in each room. Yuzo scolds her for being an unrealistic dreamer, "We have to face reality to survive in a world like this." But Masako counters, "This is the kind of world where you need dreams the most..." They next inquire about a small apartment that is up for rent. In one of the films more humorous moments - the apartment manager all but discourages the couple from renting. As the couple try to figure out if they can afford to live there - they are distracted by some kids playing baseball, prompting Yuzo to join in on the fun. This baseball scene is something one can very easily connect with if you are a fan of baseball. The japanese kids yell the exact same "phrases" as their american counterparts. What really surprised me was Kurosawa's choice of music here - after a wayward baseball wrecks the sign hung near a store. All the kids scatter, of course...but the music is from Bizet's "Carmen" - the very same music used by director Michael Ritchie in his 1976 BAD NEWS BEARS - one of my all time favorite baseball flicks!!! Very memorable too is the scene where amidst the rubble and ruin, Yuzo and Masako pretend to own a cafe. There is also a playground scene - with swings - that foreshadow Kurosawa's marvelous film IKURU. These are some of the film's happier moments...but the mood will swing the other way too as Yuzo's mood becomes grimmer as the day progresses - as the reality of Tokyo's economic straits becomes more evident to the viewer. They encounter a hungry street waif. They have a run in with some street toughs scalping concert tickets . Yuzo's plan to visit a wartime buddy who now owns a nightclub goes terribly astray when the maitre'd mistakes Yuzo for a...(sorry, this will probably be a spoiler)!!! When the couple finally retreats to Yuzo's apartment is when Kurosawa is at his cinematic best here with long stetches without dialogue. It becomes heartbreaking to watch as when Masako - the seemingly eternal optimist - surrenders to tears. This is considered one of Kurosawa's lesser film - but I disagree. It's billed as a neo-realist film and does remind one of the style of THE BICYCLE THIEVES or UMBERTO D - but this film predates them both. One of the characters will break the "fourth wall" and address the audience directly - which may or may not work for you - but I understand Kurosawa's intent. I think this is one fabulous film with much food for thought!!!

Mad M (ag) wrote: Thrilling and entertaining. Better than I expected.

Ajeesh V (kr) wrote: I will give 4 on 5 for this hijack thriller. The movie might have some loopholes, but it has more than enough ingredients to hold back to your seat.. An appreciable performance from the cast. Execution was good. But i still have the doubt that how they hid an AK-47 rifle inside the flight?? Still remain unresolved... LOL