Betrayal from the East

Betrayal from the East

A carnival showman tries to keep Japanese spies from sabotaging the Panama Canal.

Before World War II, Japanese spies seek secrets of the Panama Canal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan C (de) wrote: No Funny Movies are good these daysAnd What Makes Me Even More Angry Is Adam Sandler is still acting in movies,The First Time I saw this movie is in the cinema with the school and we had a good time, It's Funny But What Happened?There wasn't really a story,There was 3 of year old acting,And There was too many bad humour.Dennis Dugan should be ashamed of himself that he made this film.Score: 2.5/10

Michael L (es) wrote: With just a few features under his belt, Ira Sachs has proven he can explore the depths of sadness and complex human emotion. This was especially true in his profound 40 SHADES OF BLUE. KEEP THE LIGHTS ON continues in this vain by examining a 10-year relationship in fragments with very high highs and very low lows. Sex, friendship, cheating, and drugs are all part of this very modern mix which at times is quite sublime, but for a film like KEEP THE LIGHTS ON to truly work it must feel genuine and unfortunately, there's too much movie dialogue and things happen far too easily. When you find yourself asking, "how can these guys afford this all?" you know you are in trouble. Sachs is unable to suspend disbelief even at this base level. Sad because under it there is a brilliant film waiting to unfold.

Daniel M (es) wrote: HORRIBLE acting, BADLY & seems VERY cheaply made, & pretty stupid too!

kavya j (ag) wrote: I literally am obsessed with this movie .I love it!!!!

Aaron L (jp) wrote: usualy I loathe football but to be 100% honest i realy enjoyed this film. it was realy well made and the ending is destined to shed a tear. plus its good to see a christian who's not afraid to speak out on film.

Georgieboy M (gb) wrote: A tepid movie from by one of the Pang brothers and having in mind Aokigahara also known as Jyukai (sea of trees) placed in the base of Mount Fuji; the film is about a forest where the people goes to kill themselves. The main problem is the script, it very unrealistic, nothing wrong with that because is one of the foundations of the horror movies, but in this case i never felt that was justified. The first 50 minutes the plot is about a killing that is solve and then the supernatural arrives, the sub plot about the relationship problems is dull and not effective.But even that has some interesting point, like the way the phantoms are represented here, not like something threatening but spirits that are searching the peace and purge their sins.

Private U (us) wrote: Would like to see all of it.

Brad S (br) wrote: - Watched for the 2nd time in s couple years, this is a major film in International cinema. This time I watched with Werner Herzog's commentary which was very enlightening and entertaining. There is also a great documentary on the making of this film called "Burden of Dreams". Both film are must watch movies for serious film fans!- I had wanted to see this film for the last 15years, and glad i have finally done so. It is the true story of a man with the single goal/mission of bringing Opera(specifically his favourite - Caruso) to the Jungle. He risks all his finanaces in a trip down the amazon with the goal of moving a several hundred ton Steamship over a mountain. The film productions also underwent many of the same challenges as they tried to accurately recreate the events( as documented in the film"Burden of Dreams"). Klaus Kinski is perfect in the role as he totally captures the insanity and determination of this mission. This film would be a great companion piece to "Apocalypse Now". Check this film out, it's a must for serious film lovers!

Bradley K (it) wrote: Wow. You've never seen such a lurid, satirical take on the crime genre. Part western, part noir, part exploitation result in a grotesquely entertaining fever dream.

Martin T (nl) wrote: I wouldn't blame anyone for hating Jerry Lewis with a passion, but his insane antics and over-the-top mugging makes me laugh. Besides Lewis, the centerpiece of this film is the mammoth set, a lavishly impressive playground for Lewis to frolic in. The story is just a springboard for a series of slapstick routines and the occasional surreal dance number. When it's not funny, it grinds to a halt, but when it is funny, it's a riot. I can't deny that it's stupid humor, but it's my kind of stupid.

Charles P (br) wrote: I'm not sure which peoples Mr. Buuel is intending to mirror here, nor does it matter. His outlook is an unpleasant and gloomy one and more than a little out-of-date too.

Robert H (ca) wrote: A decent Western with Charles Bronson in his first starring role.

DanetteDani A (ag) wrote: Fantastic movie and anyone who enjoys classics should see it. He was a great actor for his time.

Alexander N (es) wrote: Pretty uninspired stuff unfortunately. Very little German expressionist magic and basically a dreary exercise in wartime propaganda. I was bored.

Stefanos T (de) wrote: Ball of Fire is the reason why I like Gary Cooper. This is perhaps one of the least know screwball comedies but I think it's on par with the best of this genre.

Seth U (us) wrote: Tom hanks, as charlie Wilson, is fantastic. And Philip Seymour Hoffman is a convincing CIA agent. But other than these performances, the film lacks anything worth seeing.

Frank N (it) wrote: Oh to be a movie critic. The one job where you can be dead wrong but it doesn't matter and there are no consequences for being wrong. It's the perfect job to, use your biases, hatred, and idiocy to pan a movie whether the movie is good or not. This is especially true when they sink there teeth into any faith based movie. I've been following these critics, which they are really not in the true sense because they cannot, relate to God; they despise God and therefore it is impossible for them to ever treat a faith based movie fairly; it is not in their DNA; they are farces as a result. Just look at Risen, The Young Messiah, Where Hope Grows, Do You Believe, on and on. The laughable part of this is that prove out the theory that anyone can be a critic. The easiest job in the world. Jim Lane proves it out. But I will close with the review by Neil Genzilinger, the genius when he writes about the Young Messiah, "Not to be flip, but "Where Hope Grows" has the potential to be a decent inspirational film until God shows up. Wow, so therefore God should never show up to ruin the movie. There's a critic for you. Would you really care what he has to say about any movie. The You Messiah and the other films I mention are all good movies and deserve better.