Bettada Hoovu

Bettada Hoovu


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:Kannada
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Bettada Hoovu 1985 full movies, Bettada Hoovu torrents movie

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Bettada Hoovu torrent reviews

Crystal R (ca) wrote: There was a lot of Nimoy history that I didn't know about and I really loved the old footage. :) Good one!

Tim F (au) wrote: Loved it. Great movie.

Adam A (fr) wrote: While none of the additional films change the movie in any significant way, I'd say the extended cut is worth it for the goblin's song alone.

miruna (ru) wrote: okay first half, after which it kind of lost me

Casey B (fr) wrote: [indent]LISTENING TO: Pedro the Lion - "Moving Units" / "Priests and Paramedics"[/indent] [i][b]Stella Street[/b][/i] >> D >> Some decent/good impersonations (esp. of Jack Nicholson). The movie was only semi-entertaining and there wasn't much of a story either. [b][i]The Grudge[/i][/b] >> D >> This movie was obviously trying to be scary but it wasn't. It only made me slightly jump once. I liked the time shifts in the story but there wasn't much originality to the whole thing.

Christian W (us) wrote: Seltsamer Film, der Religionskritik mit Relativierung von Pdophilie vermischt... Aber vielleicht habe ich den Film einfach nicht kapiert.

Daniel S (kr) wrote: solid horror film from 2 horror director icons, i think i liked the first one better, argento can get pretty over the top at times

Alex W (it) wrote: its a little goofy but a good premis. Its america history x meets no mans land.

Golia K (nl) wrote: surreal feature about a middle-aged housewife

Knox M (de) wrote: A beautiful, tragic, and thrilling thesis on why drugs is ultimately not an escape route.

Juan S (us) wrote: i love this movie can't wait for 2

Eleanor E (mx) wrote: I really really enjoyed the movie. Watched it Netflix via Roku. I'd give it a 5 stars.Wish there were more movies that provided a happy feel. Characters were well developed.

Fagatron P (mx) wrote: Gritty on the eyes. Such a strain to watch, but somehow Tilda makes you keep watching when everything is tell you to look away or better yet go out and mow the lawn!

Cash00716 (us) wrote: Didn't like. Very boring. Did research and there are falsifications of the characters.