Better Off Dead...

Better Off Dead...

Lane Meyer is obsessed with his girlfriend Beth and is crushed when she falls for the new captain of the ski team, Roy. After several failed suicide attempts, narrow escapes from the relentless paper boy, and nearly unbearable dinners at home with his crazy family, Lane finds a new love in French exchange student Monique Junot. Meanwhile, he must beat Roy on the slopes to regain his honor.

The teenager Lane Meyer has a crush on his girlfriend Beth Truss. When Beth dumps him to stay with the successful skier Roy Stalin, Lane is depressed and decides to commit suicide. However he gives up and tries to improve his skill of skier to ski the dangerous K12 slope to impress Beth. Meanwhile his neighbor Mrs. Smith receives the exchange French student Monique Junot and her fat son Ricky Smith considers Monique his girlfriend; however, Monique has an unrequited crush on Lane that does not note her. When Lane stumbles upon Monique in a high-school party, he befriends her. The upset Lane challenges Roy in a competition on the K12 slope but then he regrets. However Monique is a great mechanic and skier, and fix Lane's Camaro and teaches him how to ski the K12 slope. What will happen to Lane? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Better Off Dead... torrent reviews

Tom L (gb) wrote: Oh, good Lord.......where to begin. . .

Rikard B (mx) wrote: Medioker klassisk action. Introscenerna r dock coola i knen. Sen r det mest dynga.

Cassie S (gb) wrote: not a fan of Ben, well except for The Town, this sucked!

Christian L (ca) wrote: its one of the worst ever

Ethan T (gb) wrote: why is it not showing on Netflix anymore?

Parker P (us) wrote: I liked this movie a lot because these are some of my favorite movie characters.

Morgan D (ca) wrote: "He's brutal. That's why they call him Sting Ray."

rock y (gb) wrote: He Might Have Been Silenced

Kristy B (kr) wrote: Hmmm, I should make my sisters watch this, since they moved there and all...

Gregory W (jp) wrote: amazing powewrful drama/documentary sytle stuff

Marc B (gb) wrote: WHY ISNT THIS AVAILABLE!?

Trent K (de) wrote: Blood Diamond is a well acted drama that deserves a huge audience because it is great!

Terry D (jp) wrote: This film stands as the most memorable movie-going experience of the my adolescence. It was the first movie I ever went to by myself, and boy, there could not have been a more perfect movie for me to have 'all to myself' at that time, in that place, of my life. I became completely absorbed in this old-style adventure yarn from the opening titles, invested quickly thereafter in the character of Indiana Jones, and my eyes remained wide open until the closing credits. From an emotional standpoint, what George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, John Williams, and company presented on the screen really was like a 1940s-style movie serial, complete with globetrotting action-packed intrigue and cliffhangers galore. Great memories. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think it's time for me to watch this again.

Simon D (nl) wrote: Pretty funny film which is clearly influenced by it's fellow NZ film, Bad Taste. It reminded me of Shaun of the Dead a bit. Quite gory but in a funny context so not very scary.