Better Than Sex

Better Than Sex

After a one-night stand a couple is faced with the terrifying possibility of what they really want.

After a one-night stand a couple is faced with the terrifying possibility of what they really want. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan P (fr) wrote: Exellent film! Enjoyed it every second.

Jeffrey M (gb) wrote: Based on the enigmatic life and convoluted probate proceedings of his death, Shadow Billionaire is a rather fascinating insight in to DHL founder and billionaire, Larry Hillblom. Hillblom is painted as a brilliant, yet deeply flawed man, whose penchant for young Asian prostitutes became especially visible after his death in an unexplained plane crash (his body was never found). The bulk of the documentary is aimed at the immensely complicated and quite extraordinary circumstances of the probate proceedings. We meet the women who claimed to have children by Larry, and we are shown the mechanizations and schemes of the big-time lawyers who had a vested interest in maintaining the money in a trust they control. What follows is a world of intrigue and conspiracy, when mainland lawyers lie, cheat, and cover-up to defraud the rightful heirs of Larry's estate, illegitimate children. The film is very successful in this regard, taking us through the proceedings briskly and in an engaging way, supported by a host of charismatic individuals, such as David Lujan, the lawyer for Larry's son. The film entreats us to both the mysterious man, and the relentlessly ruthless friends and associates who stopped at nothing to control the money. In this way, the film is both an effective character study, and an intriguing recounting of events.If Shadow Billionaire has a fault, it would be its failure to more fully examine the lives of the children themselves, especially post settlement. This seems to paint a very interesting picture of Larry, and the film would have been better served to follow that.An overall very strong documentary.4/5 Stars

Eric D (ru) wrote: Robert Redford is a good director (a bit overrated if you ask me but still good) and this looks like a solid cast. It's about time for Cruise to bring his A game to a movie (it seems he does so about twice a decade and has yet to do so this one). This has a fine line to walk between being a clever critique of the war and being a preachy piece of drivel, hopefully they stay on the right side ...

Jens S (mx) wrote: The story is not new: young couple goes hiking on the wrong trail and ends up in trouble. The shape of the trouble is so over the top and unrealistic here that it's hard to take it seriously. Christian fanatics may be a problem in certain parts of the world, but their motifs in catching the couple here lack any logic. It doesn't help that the freak's make up is incredibly silly. There are still moments of excitement and at least our protagonists make a few smart decisions unlike the usual horror thriller victims. So the result is not boring but overall just way too much over the top. It also drags on 15 minutes too long. And even though it doesn't mess up the rather decent ending, the last second scare is so obvious and stupid, you see it coming from a mile away.

Kristin K (br) wrote: I'm not really sure.

Mark R (es) wrote: Another great addition to this evergrowing franchise

Timothy A (fr) wrote: i love the show played the game and i love the movie

Aaron S (it) wrote: Why do people like Cassavetes?

Joel A (gb) wrote: An interesting film set in the great barrier reef in North Queensland. Basically the story of an uninspired artist in NYC who goes back to his routes in Brisbane for inspiration.Once settled in remote North QLD he quickly finds the island isn't as remote as he initially thought. He bumps into the naive & seductive Helen Mirren in her very 'natural role'It is a good film but doesn't really go in any direction, the characters that film this film are interesting but don't seem to go any where. An arty film at it's core, but I found it I treating as a simple character study.

Miguel G (au) wrote: Ang hot ni Stefania Sandrelli

Brandon S (ca) wrote: Kevin Smith's finest achievement. Just when you think you know where its going he takes a sharp right turn.

Kyle C (it) wrote: I'll be honest, I wanted to see this, but i did not have high hopes, and boy was i pleasantly surprised. This is a very funny movie, it's a typical Rom Com but it has many, many laughs, which is surprising because it's relatively an unknown cast, but they all seem to know their roles and they play them well.