Better This World

Better This World

Set amid arrests and subsequent trials surrounding the 2008 Republican National Convention, this portrait of two young activists caught in the web of an opportunistic mentor and a desperate justice system poignantly describes both the problems of power and the power of forgiveness and love.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:texas,  

A pair of childhood friends from Texas who set out to prove themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark T (de) wrote: I found this very funny, avoided too many out-and-out clichees, some fun cameos such as the "modern Imam" and a nice twist at the end.

Kim B (es) wrote: I was enjoying it quite a bit and despite how stinking long the movie was, I was disappointed by the blunt ending...

Johnson C (es) wrote: ??????????????????"?????"...... ???????????????, ???????, ???????.

Mrinal D (nl) wrote: this is one of the best documentaries i have ever seen....brilliant music,brilliant Icelandic landscapes and very well shot!! i very highly recommend this movie ! made me into a die hard sigur ros fan!! watch in HD! will bring tears to your eyes!

Gino P (it) wrote: an interesting pov...

Angelina C (au) wrote: A rather somber and slow paced drama anchored by truly fine performances. Nick Stahl and AnnaSophia Robb, the movie belongs to them.

Matthew B (gb) wrote: You should never censor an artist work."This Film Is Not Yet Rated" is informative, funny and it dose a great job pointing out how ridiculous the MPAA really is. I highly recommend checking this documentary out, as you really do learn a lot from this.

Lester B (nl) wrote: I've seen this four times and each time it gets better!

Arash B (jp) wrote: Has some amazing scenes but suffers from weak characterization and poorly structured script or maybe I'm confused because I haven't seen Night Watch yet

Jon B (ru) wrote: Pretty decent little comedy/caper thriller which has fun playing people against type, especially Tim Allen playing a hired assassin who is also an old movie buff. Funny in places, sweet in others, although it did bother me a little that Randy Edelman ripped off Peter Gunn for the score.

Auttie R (br) wrote: This is an incredibly well written film, and absolutely beautiful to watch. I enjoy films directed by Mira Nair.

Ray C (ru) wrote: Middlin' Sidaris fare. Pops has stepped down and the sons have taken over and it shows. Junior trys to make it way too serious instead of camping it like the old man did. Love Julie and Suzi.

Ed (it) wrote: Australian 1980's suburban gritty romanticMichael hutchence is perfect.Classic (this is not sci-fi)

Ben L (jp) wrote: This is a noir-style mystery film about a man who disappears and the only clue they have as to his whereabouts are some smutty letters he wrote to a prostitute. So a family friend, John Klute, goes in search of the missing man and the truth of his illicit affair. What this film absolutely masters is creating a suspenseful mood. Michael Small, the man in charge of the music, was a genius at giving the audience an uneasy feeling of impending danger. I was never settled and expected that Jane Fonda could be assaulted at any moment. The problem with this haunting atmosphere is the fact that they never delivered on that tension. There was very little actual danger, and it never seemed all that out of control for Klute. The whole movie moved ridiculously slow, and sadly they spoiled the solution to the mystery about halfway through, taking away the one aspect that could keep things engaging.Donald Sutherland plays the titular character, and is as expressive as a rock. I think he was aiming for the strong and silent type but usually a role like that is bolstered by having some underlying emotions, here there was no sign of that. He looked 100% emotionless from start to finish, to the point where I felt he would have been just as satisfied with Bree dying in the end. Bree is played by Jane Fonda, and she holds her own in Klute. They give her character a wide range of traits and put her through an emotional roller coaster, so it must have been a challenging part. I was terribly disappointed by the end, simply because I wanted a good mystery and I felt they did not provide it, particularly since they shared the solution too early. Hearing the details of why this particular person kidnapped the missing man was not enough to make an interesting conclusion. In my opinion Klute is not worth your time, because there are many better films in the genre.

Jeremiah Z (ag) wrote: Qui mieux que Fritz Lang pouvait faire valoir l'heritage de l'expressionnisme allemand dans le film noir hollywoodien. La maison comme metaphore du cerveau au temps ou la psychanalyse representait une inspiration majeure d'Hollywood.

Tom M (es) wrote: MacGruber has its moments but it tries way to hard to be funny and tries to take a 10 minute sketch and make it into a full length film.

Wild S (ag) wrote: Spielberg is lost without a Michael Crichton or Richard Matheson writing the script. Characters are blank slates with "goals" to whom things happen that make them think a little. You can forget about anything deeper or more courageous.

William S (es) wrote: Great acting old school British gangsters ,what's not to love

Damon R (ag) wrote: I admit I did enjoy it. However, I like the X-Men better. Granted this movie is based on the comic books, which I might look into one day. However, it's more of a superhero comedy than an action-adventure. Dark Horse Comics does mean well.

Alastair W (jp) wrote: Brilliant Film. The story, though somewhat slow at some points, is genius and the dialogue hilarious. The film itself is technically amazing because of its use of blue screen technology in inserting Woody and the cast into old footage and intercut them with re enacted scenes, which you hardly notice. I found myself trying to to dissect the film into "real" and "fake" parts but to no avail. The film contains a myriad of interesting themes that have kept me up at night after watching it. The mockumentary style allows for interesting "mechanics" such as fake interviews and my personal favourite, scenes from a film about the character, to be used, developing the narrative and the atmosphere. My favourite line in the movie is "The Fuhrer had a great joke about Poland planned". I'll leave it there. Watch it !!!!!