Betty Becomes a Maid

Betty Becomes a Maid

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Betty Becomes a Maid torrent reviews

Andri A (nl) wrote: Awesome!!!An unexpected mystery thriller

Amy H (fr) wrote: It was interesting and thrilling and wanting to find out what's going on. But the story is stupid as it doesn't really tell us why the killer kills. And the 3 characters do a lot of stupid things that you will roll your eyes with boredom.

Sinuon V (ru) wrote: Very cute for my 2 year old.

John R (us) wrote: 120913: Someone told me "Battleship" was a terrible movie. Well, it's a terribly, terribly, bad movie. So terribly bad that it was entertaining. Couldn't help thinking how much my father would've loved this film. Wish I could've seen the smile on his face, his hearty laugh. He would've loved it. Stacked with heroes, action, violence, cool aliens and destruction; It's down right bad, bad in a good way. Bad acting to boot. I'm so conflicted but smiling as I write this. Battleship made me laugh it was so bad, but laughing is a good thing. Don't start this film looking for any depth. It's not deep, just stupidly entertaining for some reason. Well worth a one watch, preferably on a big screen and surround sound. Don't forget to crank the subwoofer up! You're about to get a weeks worth of action...and movie indigestion.

Aaron B (kr) wrote: How do you turn a one-panel comic strip into a movie? Simple, you don't. The jokes are awful, the CGI is laughably bad and the whole story is a cliched, phoned-in piece of nothing.

Dan P (mx) wrote: Boring, and contrived of situations not likely to ever happen; disturbing plot line and overly sexual in nature. Good performances of Clive Owen in particular, but all were excellent, with Roberts and Law in their branded characterizations.

Dean C (nl) wrote: Poignant, very personal story of these irrepressibly cheerful refugees from a horrible civil war.

Evan O (ca) wrote: Esta peli es un poquito loco, un comedia casi como un musical que incluye una variedad de canciones temticos espaoles incluyendo "Salta" por Tequila y "Las Chicas Son Guerreras" de Coz, pero cantadas por los actores principales de la peli con nmeros de baile con la gente extra de las escenas. Trata de unos amigos (Pedro y Javier) y sus novias respectivas (Paula y Sonia). Cuando Paula se rompe con Pedro, es porque est saliendo-ligando con Javier, quien miente a su novia Sonia dicindole que le quiere. Despus de intentar arreglarse una cita a el Pedro con una chica del trabajo (Pilar), Pedro empieza a ligar con Sonia mientras que Javier y Paula se alejan y el primero piensa que su novia Sonia est ligando con una amiga lesbiana. Todo la peli es bastante rdiculo, pero habla mucho de las curiosidades entre los parejas supuestamente mongamos en un mundo tan complejo y complicado.

Johnathon W (it) wrote: Superb war movie that effectively captures not only both sides of the conflict, but the war at home as well. Mel Gibson gives one of his best leading performances, accurately playing Hal Moore as a deeply religious family man and brilliant soldier who doesn't see contradiction in that (as he tells one of his lieutenants on being a soldier & a father, he believes being good at one makes him better at the other). He receives fantastic support from the rest of the cast, particularly Sam Elliot as Sgt. Major Plumley (who by all accounts nailed him) and Greg Kinnear as Bruce Crandall (whose heroics as a helicopter pilot would earn him the Medal of Honor). Behind the camera, Randall Wallace crafts an effective war film that examines all sides of the conflict. The Vietnamese soldiers are humanized and treated with respect, particularly Lt. Col. Nguyen Han (nicely played by Duong Den), Hal Moore's counter part on the battlefield who is also a religious but effective battlefield commander. The conflict is brutally played out (war & violence is not glorified here) and you seeing Moore & Han make moves & counter moves to best each other like a bloody chess game. Wallace also makes a point to show the effects of the conflict back home, as the soldiers wives must learn the news of their husbands deaths. Overall, one of the better Vietnam movies ever made, thanks to this balance of presenting all sides of the conflict.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Very generic kids stuff with a fair bit of animal exploitation. The bad guy is also the spitting image of Rolf Harris - he should sue.

Giorgos T (us) wrote: Liam Neeson is the only one who did his job in this movie.

Daniel C (us) wrote: Creative in some ways but tries too hard to be original. Fails in depth storytelling because it lacks various specifics crucial to the story. A great film to watch with the family nonetheless, but even for a child it might seem too unatractive despite the film having a very young cast. Falls short of good and originality.

Matthew D (ag) wrote: If Kubrick's earlier 1950's films were very much of their time, this was his first timeless piece, but certainly not his last. A mockery of the idea of glory and a demonstration that in war a soldier's worse enemies are by no means those arranged along the opposing line.

Hayden H (de) wrote: Newman was great but I will always wonder what Dean would have done with the character. As it was originally written for him.