Between Heaven and Hell

Between Heaven and Hell

Sam Gifford remembers : In prewar years he was an arrogant southern cotton plantation owner, married to the daughter of a colonel. At the beginning of the war he was mobilized with his National Guard unit as a sergeant. Came the day when, revolted by the cowardice of his lieutenant, who had fired at his own men, he hit him. Downgraded, he was sent to a disciplinary battalion. Sam now discovers his new detachment, his new commanding officer, just another cowardly brute, Captain Waco Grimes. While in combat, Sam will gradually become closer to the privates, working-class people he used to despise. He will become another man, a better man.

The spoiled rich son of a wealthy Southerner is changed by his experiences in the Pacific during World War II. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (kr) wrote: Not a bad days viewing. Centered around a killer pig, which leads one to believe it's going to be pretty trashy, but thankfully the large majority of this film pits 3 separate clans against each other; the goodies, the rednecks, and the hippies, who all battle it out in some pretty good action sequences. Given the pretty low budget look of the pig, i can see why for the majority of this film, the killer beast remained anonymous. There was quite a large cast in this, yet the character portrayal for each was very good, and we were allowed to familiarise ourselves with each of their traits and personalities before the vast majority of the action started. If anything, i'd say the introduction of the pig towards the end, lowered the credibility of this film, but other than that it was a decent watch, with plenty of gore (albeit some strong references to animal cruelty).

Josh M (ru) wrote: Totally deviates from the originals. Acting sucked, overall not good.

Dave J (jp) wrote: Two college students played by Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes inadvertently get themselves stuck on a snow bank, and are later visited by unexplained forces with revelations to follow.

Charlie H (es) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

KOLORS gorehound (mx) wrote: Not nearly as cool as it's title, but it has some merits. Most of the photography was great and the CGI was pretty impressive.

Tyler S (it) wrote: Watched this today after returning from the Toronto Film Festival and seeing the director's new film called HICK. Lymelife is an exceptional feature film that displays a very clear message. The irony is, as a film hobbyist, I can say that the message is cleverly left up to one's interpretation. The film does not judge any of its characters, it simply presents them all equally from Scott Bartlett (Rory Culkin's) perspective. He has his initial feelings about the adults and other kids around him, but they are innocent feelings. Then, as the drama unfolds, and the adults start making mistakes, we see how Scott's feelings toward each character changes as he starts judging, or misjudging them. It is a very seductive piece of filmmaking. It's very subtle and then suddenly blunt. It is so carefully put together that I will absolutely watch it again as a study and not just for enjoyment. There are many things to learn from this film and it is extremely shocking that it cam from a first time director who, technically, isn't truly old enough to tell a "semi-autobiographical" story set in 1980. According to wikipedia and imdb, that would have made Derick Martini not even 5 years old at the time the film is set. All the more miraculous. The most shocking scene comes during a Christmas party that starts in a Catholic Church and takes us through the split level suburban home where Rory Culkin and Emma Roberts retreat to smoke a joint and, perhaps, share a secret and a would-be kiss. Apparently Martin Scorsese brought us this film as an Executive Producer. There are a couple of cute homages to the master of cinema, but the only thing Lymelife and Martin Scorsese's films have in common are the realistic performances on display. Alec Baldwin, Timothy Hutton, Both Culkin Brothers, Emma Roberts, The Lady Who Plays Mom, Cynthia Nixon are all as good or better than they have ever been. Highly recommend to film lovers and fleeting fans.

Jason C (mx) wrote: If you're of the age when Venables' reign as England manager hold your fondest memories of the national game and you're looking for some lowest common denominator humour, this is the film for you. It's pretty consistent and there are chuckles throughout, and if you're a fan of Tomlinson then that's probably worth an extra 1/2 star.

Kaneda (mx) wrote: [b]Bully[/b] - This had such potential, only to completely fall apart in the third act. It was if everyone quit caring about the project, and was just like...whatever. [b]Brother[/b] - Another barely fresh. How fucking lucky is Omar Epps? Getting to work with Beat Takeshi...who was cool as hell in this flick. Unfortunately, a great first act gets destroyed by the slower second act, and an even slower third act. The third was the weakest, and it fell apart as well. Oh well, at least there wasn't a Lord Of The Gay Dance at the end... [b]Score[/b] - I can't figure out if this was a homage to Resevoir Dogs, Sam Raimi, Rodriguez's El Mariachi, and John Woo, or if it was a rip off. I'm leaning toward homage because it looks like it was shot on the cheap. [b]The Fisher King[/b] - This is an excellent Terry Gilliam flick. It deals with the same issues as Brazil, (i.e. lunacy and love), except for the fact that I find it works a lot better than Brazil, which I found to be grossly overrated. Damn good movie. [b]Charade[/b] - 8.5/10 I love the dialogue in this. It is so funny...a comedy thriller, who would have thought it could work so well. Grant and Hepburn of course are magic, so you've got that too. Well done. Now I have to flip the disc over and watch the remake...go Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch...

Dennis Y (it) wrote: The movie was a decent way to spend a light 90 minutes. I had a few laughs and really liked the adorable children, but the movie lacked something. It could have been more.

Nicholas S (fr) wrote: Although you would not expect it, this action flick is a morality play with a strong story of redemption and a lot of humorous events! You will laugh, you may cry, but you will definitely be smiling at the end of this movie! And it gets better with every viewing too!

Al H (nl) wrote: A film full of fantasy and surprises.

jeff h (gb) wrote: Old school, but still good.

Jo Y (es) wrote: This is very good movie.suppence and more

Timo E (gb) wrote: I knew the major plot twist going in, but I thoroughly enjoyed the film regardless.

bill s (es) wrote: There is no excuse here.....I knew it would be bad[not this bad]but watched it all the way through anyhow.frigin idiot.

bill s (nl) wrote: Best thing that can be said of this movie is you could do worse....of course you could do a lot better too.