Between Love & Goodbye

Between Love & Goodbye

A modern gay drama about falling in and out of love, and the rocky road in between.

A modern gay drama about falling in and out of love, and the rocky road in between. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David A (es) wrote: Definitely one of the corniest DC animated flicks I've seen since... well, actually, this is the first. "Justice League: War" proves you can't cram up a lot of characters into one story. It puts too much things going and by the middle or end of it, you just don't care for it since you are either lost or perplexed about whether or not you should care about its undeveloped characters. This a 72 minute movie... and it has 7 main characters... How the hell can you make a decent story out of that?!

Tim B (it) wrote: Occasionally entertaining, but on the whole a very sloppy film (in terms of direction, scripting and acting) which went on for far too long.

Tim M (ag) wrote: "An absorbing portrait of a man trying to turn a tide of indifference." Nasheed brought democracy to the Maldives for the first time in 2008. He made world headlines by having a meeting underwater and winning a symbolic political victory in Copenhagen. Before his term was up he was forced from office, now the dictator's party is back in power. "Shenk would have been better off spending time with the people at risk of flooding rather than filming the diplomats in their suits at the Copenhagen Climate Summit."

Paige M (kr) wrote: This movie is worth watching for Robert Buckley!!!! He is so freaking hot!!!!

Eng G (us) wrote: bad horror movie..typical cursed and ghost jealousy stuff..not scary at all, well I didn't find it scary :P The Ring was much better.

Art S (kr) wrote: Irritu weaves together four seemingly disparate stories that link somewhat incidentally (but also consequentially). Each tale is filled with tension as characters engage in actions that you know they should not - that could and sometimes will end badly. Beginning in Morocco, we see two kids playing with a high powered rifle. Enough said. Then, in San Diego, a Mexican nanny needs to go to her son's wedding but her employers forbade her to go, leading her to take their kids to Mexico with her. Uh-oh. Back in Morocco, tourist Cate Blanchett is accidentally shot through the window of the bus she and Brad Pitt are travelling in. Damn. Finally, deaf-mute Rinko Kikuchi gradually unravels in Tokyo trying to cope with the suicide of her mother and just plain being a teenage girl. Hmmmm. Although each tale on its own is rather gripping, well shot, and well acted, the sum of the parts does not entirely cohere. Sure, you could draw parallels if you made the effort, but it shouldn't be this unclear. Drawing from the title, one could probably conclude that the message of the film is that communication between humans is inevitably problematic, both across and within cultures. No kidding.

Scott C (it) wrote: Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts in a film by veteran director, Richard Donner. It wasn't bad, but I find it hard to watch Mel Gibson in anything without thinking about what a horrible person he is. He has been in some undeniably great films, like Mad Max and Braveheart, but if the film's greatness isn't overpowering, it's hard not to think about Gibson's demons.

Eric B (jp) wrote: At best, "Beyond the Clouds" is a multi-angled look at the delicacy of romance. At worst, it's like Antonioni channeling Zalman King. Just another made-for-cable softcore flick. The corny use of mood music -- including poor Van Morrison -- doesn't help, and is truly appalling at times.In what may be his most embarrassing role since "Making Mr. Right," John Malkovich plays an American director wandering the rustic streets of Italy, seeking inspiration for his next film. He doesn't have many lines, and mostly just looks vacantly inquiring. This simple premise provides the framework for observing various romantic vignettes -- five central ones, plus a short, sentimental scene with old pros Marcello Mastroianni and Jeanne Moreau. Typically for Antonioni, none of the segments except the last one (starring Irene Jacob as a pious woman being pursued by an oily suitor) have any real payoff. The stories just drift into view, then fade away again. Peter Weller and Jean Reno add further star charisma, but not much else.In this artificial world, sexual chemistry between strangers is a given, mainly based on heavy breathing, solemn walks, ponderous gazes and stilted philosophical musings such as "Voices never become part of you like other sounds" and "It's strange -- we always want to live in someone's imagination." Otherwise, the motivations for hopping into bed can be hard to understand, particularly in the case of world-class beauty Sophie Marceau being immediately drawn to pale, wormy Malkovich. Marceau's sequence is the lamest of all, but its gratuitous nudity will please...well, just about anyone who enjoys looking at naked women. In particular, there is one needless, lingering shot of a full-frontal Marceau which is pure cheesecake. Thank you, Signore Antonioni!At least two other slim beauties parade their physical charms, but it's minor compensation. Arguably, the film's best (and most "Antonioni-esque") moment is a solitary scene with Malkovich reflecting at an overcast beach, where ocean waves and wind-swept sand magically blend into one eerie landscape. Gorgeous.Eventually, Malkovich's character wraps up the action by noting "The director's profession is a very particular one." It's hard to think of a movie with a worse final tag line.

Michel S (it) wrote: A cornball good time and Tim Curry is in it.

maiah h (fr) wrote: its a great movie its about a man who knows that his daughter is dead and the fbi is trying to kill his dauhter they had died in a plane crash(his daughter and wife)

Richard D (fr) wrote: A riveting and engrossing and self aware production. It's fascinating to see a few of these actors/directors put down their swords and put their immense skills to use in a modern setting. The screenplay is one of the tightest and intriguing in a Kurosawa film. The scenes involving the investigation worked in many levels, class conflict, intellect and problem solving, suspense, surprise, historical post war significance with the English signs and American sailors, and rock and roll coolness with the villainous shades and music. The zombie like dope heads, and the mirror technique in the final interview were examples of directors influence turning possibly ordinary scenes into profound drama, with it all purposely fitting into the narrative.

roger t (au) wrote: well done and quite early effort by zinnemann, featuring the very young janet leigh.........

Eric H (kr) wrote: Character development is poor. Hard to like the characters. "Emotional" scenes lack proper build up. Offers a very shallow view of love and marriage.