Between Midnight and Dawn

Between Midnight and Dawn

Rocky and Dan, war buddies, are prowl car cops on night duty. Dan is a cynic who views all lawbreakers as scum; Rocky feels more lenient. Both are attracted to the radio voice of communicator Kate Mallory; but in person, Kate proves reluctant to get involved with men who just might stop a bullet. By lucky chance, Rocky and Dan cause big trouble for murderous racketeer Ritchie Garris; but when he swears vengeance, Kate's fears may prove justified.

Prowl car cops on night duty romance a reluctant young lady while in danger from a vengeful racketeer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nina P (ca) wrote: i want to watch this movie!!!

Junaid A (ag) wrote: this Indian movie is comparable with The God Father of hollywood

Andre S (es) wrote: I love Margaret Cho, but I thought she was way to preachy and a bit of cue. Like her older stuff better

Peter M (au) wrote: A good harmless fun comedy.

Harry F (mx) wrote: This is something of an obscure film, but if you happen to ever see it on, I recommend you watch it. Featuring Christopher Eccleston in(amazingly) his first film role, this is the true story of Derek Bentley, an epileptic 19 year old with the mind of an 11 year old. Telling his story of why he was executed, it's very sad, and beautifully acted. The saddest thing about this film is that you know it has a sad ending, so no matter what happens, there never eally is hope. The supporting cast are great, the story is slow but greatly told, and it is one of the finest British films of the first half of the 90's.

Greg N (ag) wrote: It started sorta El Topo like and then became something else entirely and I'm not sure what it was. I didn't have a bad time at all watching it. In fact, it's really fun to watch but again not sure what happened and that ending didn't help.

Steve S (us) wrote: **1/2 (out of four) In the 1970's following the huge success of "The Exorcist", the studios all wanted possession or demonic flicks with little kids. Here, director Robert Wise crafts a fairly interesting variation about reincarnation. But, there isn't enough originality and it features a bothersome performance from young Susan Swift. Marsha Mason and John Beck are a New York City couple who begin to notice a man following them and hanging out at their daughter's school. Not long after the man (Anthony Hopkins) calls them to say that he is the girl's father before she was reincarnated. Young Susan Swift is creepy enough looking and does have a stressful part to play. But when she is being a 'normal' girl is when she is very annoying. The film is not bad, but it really adds nothing new to the genre and pales in comparison to "The Exorcist" and even "The Omen."

Walter S (it) wrote: A lively romp. I enjoyed it back in the 1970s in my teens and I still do today.

Stephen C (jp) wrote: A visually pleasing thriller that gets monotonous very quickly with the protagonist's struggles and determination to solve the case. All leading up to an ending that gives us little pay off..

Kris T (it) wrote: Great Performance by Brent Carver.