Between Miracles

Between Miracles

Benedetto is a child who came out of an accident uninjured on his first communion's day. The people of his village attribute that to a miracle and made him undergo a strict religious upbringing. That fact will determine his life, which will be affected by inner torment caused by the confrontation between sexual desires and sacrifices of faith, sin and grace.

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Jackie M (es) wrote: I'm at a loss about how I really feel about this movie. It wasn't a great movie or even a great documentary but the topic is intriguing. I think about how many friends I have because of the internet and how differently things could have turned out if even one of them had turned out to be like Angela Wesselmen. She says in the movie that she just wanted a friend and when she realized what she was doing to Nev it was too late to stop because she was afraid she'd lose his friendship. I think of the great friendships I have now that I met online and if she had just been honest from the very first communication she'd probably have a great friendship.

Jesus S (es) wrote: funny @$$ movie! six stars if it was possible

Zachary H (us) wrote: this movie was incredible cast hopper, freddy kruger, lttaggert from bev hills cop, paul walker! mid 90's humor beavis and butthead meets the making of fast and the furious just order it for 3 bucks ull shit ur pants

Wes S (jp) wrote: Boring and pointless, it doesn't add on much to the first film nor does it deliver on any chills. More violence towards children, cheap gore, and a lackluster story. I suppose it could have been much worst, but it's not great either.

Neha V (fr) wrote: An extra star for childhood memory!

Christopher C (jp) wrote: Very Funny Football Movie

Connor G (es) wrote: Just a mediocre porn, really, that was shot well, until the final scene. That was quite messed up.

Michael K (it) wrote: I really enjoy this 50's comedy. It stands way above other Mexican films of the time, holds it own with other Bunuel classics, is a beautiful travelogue of Mexico City by streetcar, and excellent characters.

Paul B (it) wrote: this is the family you want !!!!!

Jose Miguel G (es) wrote: It doesn't matter how simple the concept is kept, great direction, an invested script and a fantastic performance by Tom Hardy makes this small drama worth the viewing.

Mickey C (fr) wrote: One of my favorite animated movies

Denise P (us) wrote: Love the Coopers is another entry in the star-studded family-togetherness genre that makes the absolute most of its talented cast and simple theme, delivering a heartwarming pre-holiday treat with an atmospheric twist.