Between Places

Between Places

After arriving from Egypt to work as a software engineer, Nagib falls for his beautiful co-worker, Aisha and his handsome neighbor, Jeff. September 11 terrorist attacks and arrest of Nagib's closeted gay friend in Egypt make matters worse. Nagib gets caught between being true to himself and the ones he love, as he tries to survive in the U.S. after 9/11.

After arriving from Egypt to work as a software engineer, Nagib falls for his beautiful co-worker, Aisha and his handsome neighbor, Jeff. September 11 terrorist attacks and arrest of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Muffin M (br) wrote: This one ended up becoming the movie "The Heat"I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray

Rachel W (nl) wrote: The concert footage is fantastic, the storyline isn't great but it doesn't detract from the film overall

Buggy B (br) wrote: Well this was something. As much as I (surprisingly) loved the first movie, #2 was just plain offensive. It started off all right (except for the OTT gay wedding) we catch up with the girls and their significant others in NY; Carrie and Big are having growing (or couch/TV) pains, Charlotte is overwhelmed by her children and a braless (gorgeous) nanny, Miranda is working too much, and Samantha is going through the big M. This was all relatable stuff, but then Samantha gets an all expense paid trip (through Smith) and they end up in UAE. Where every scene requires another outrageous costume change, they stay in adjoining 22,000 dollar a night suites, personal butlers, etc. and its all just too, too much. And jeez the stereotyping and offensive behaviour towards middle eastern culture and travel outside America in general. It was just painful to watch. I suppose this is meant to be watched as escapism or fantasy, but still. All in -a nothing movie that had me cringing more than laughing. I will admit Big's "sparkle" and speech at the end almost had me forgiving him for his behaviour over the years. As much as I've been a fan of the girls/the entire series and the first movie I really hope this is the end. 01.06.14

Mike A (br) wrote: What was the point of this movie? I guess the one thing positive was that it looked like documentary, but it just wasn't a good film

Allan C (it) wrote: Utterly charming Woody Allen comedy that re-teams Woody co-star Diane Keaton. They play a married couple who begin to suspect their elderly neighbor, Jerry Adler, has murdered his wife. It's a comic take on Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window" and although Allen still infuses the film with a subtext that's thematically similar to his more heavy "Crimes and Misdemeanors" around issues of marriage, infidelity and relationships. Alan Alda and Anjelica Huston play friends of Allen and Keaton, and also serve as characters for making the couple jealous of one another. It's a terrifically breezy and fun film with may laughs, but I do have to say that Keaton really steals the film and bring a level of charm and likability that had been missing from Allen films for years. Scarlett Johansson did that with her appearance in Allen's underrated "Scoop" and Owen Wilson did the same for Allen's "Midnight in Paris." But back to "Manhattan Murder Mystery," this film could easily be dismissed as simply Allen returning to straight comedy, but I think that would be doing this film a great disservice because it really is a much richer film than that.

Ben H (jp) wrote: Best of the series. Where does she keep those hats and capes?

Greg W (ru) wrote: not as funny as it should be

Nim T (kr) wrote: Classic film on racial segregation. Music was really upcoming and intense.

Skylar K (ag) wrote: Great cgi and character development is all that can be said about this film.Some could argue that the should not have put pop culture song's in a movie like this,but here,it is done right!

Robert H (it) wrote: The film is just as powerful as ever and goes deeper into a few of the characters with a little over 20 minutes of never-before-seen footage. I think the film is a masterpiece on all levels. The only downside is that the newly added footage isn't the same quality as the rest. Other than that, I highly recommend this gangster classic.