Between Strangers

Between Strangers

Three women confront their pasts which changes their futures.

Three women confront their pasts which changes their futures. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Moe M (ag) wrote: This movie was as bad as it was rated. The only cool part was when he went to relieve the memories as his ancestor. They should have made the movie in that era. It would have been so much cooler.

Thomas K (de) wrote: See it immediately. If it had been in English this odd little thriller would been a huge hit.

Jen M (mx) wrote: Stupid movie is just like watching three Henry Danger episodes. Ages 6+

steve p (kr) wrote: A light hearted film based on the antics of a group of young altar servers or kids up to no good, Plenty of and blinding but didn't mind that.

Caitlin M (ca) wrote: All I have to say is I wish it were longer.

IOnell S (au) wrote: Aunque no la vi a como se merece se me hizo una pelicula interesante, eran como dos historias paralelas relacionadas, lo que paso en el pasado y lo que esta pasando en el presente. Es como soar que estas soando, me quede encantado con las imagenes de los indigenas. La volveria a ver para entenderle mejor.

Jeffrey L (ca) wrote: Not exactly a pleasant movie, but redeemed by good performances and an interesting storyline.

Ryan S (kr) wrote: A really well done thriller.

Ken L (de) wrote: Like an extended episode

Paul W (kr) wrote: Think of it as a serious version of spin city with a little detective story tossed in.This film is by and large underrated and represents a solid effort at political drama, not a subject often explored in mid 90's big screen offerings. If there are some weak points to the story, which admittedly can be found in its pacing, they are made up for in the overall arc of the plot. The narrative explores the pitfalls of big city politics at the end of the 20th century subtlety making references to the news cycle and political spin without an overly moralistic approach. Solid performances from Pacino, Aiello and the supporting cast including Richard Schiff from the West Wing and Martin Landau, outweigh the lightweight showing from some of the other cast members.

Brian A (nl) wrote: One of the best worst!

Noname (fr) wrote: Drama romance movies are actually quite funny to watch and can have some great comedy moments aswell. This movie title made me first stay away from this flick but i gave it a shot and it was indeed watchable. Katherine Heigl and James Marsden did a nice job along with a good story. Enjoy

WS W (ag) wrote: Fairly impressive, even though it's a little bit dragging in the middle.Ah, Franois Truffaut was there in the cast too, just saying.

Kyle C (nl) wrote: Mel Gibson is back in the lead role, with a vengeance, and i mean that in every sense of the word cause he is out for vengeance against the person or people involved in the murder of his daughter. It reminds you a little bit of the 2009 movie taken but it is a little different. Gibson does a good job at keeping up the suspense and there are a lot of shooting deaths in this, especially in the third act, but overall a pretty intense thriller with a good story.

Russ B (mx) wrote: 5/5/2014: An ok movie. A pretty cheesy, but somewhat funny flick.

Zoe S (kr) wrote: Exciting and funny, but neither as exciting nor funny as I hoped.

Corey C (gb) wrote: Astounding. The critical establishment really missed the boat with this one.