Between the Folds

Between the Folds

Depicts a cast of fine artists and eccentric scientists (from MIT and NASA) who have devoted their lives to the unlikely medium of modern origami. Through their determination to reinterpret the world in paper, they arouse a fascinating mix of sensibilities towards art, form, expressiveness, creativity and meaning

Depicts a cast of fine artists and eccentric scientists (from MIT and NASA) who have devoted their lives to the unlikely medium of modern origami. Through their determination to reinterpret... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua L (us) wrote: Fun movie, So0o0o0o 90's

Lesley N (us) wrote: So thats what Lourdes is like? What a depressing place. An endless procession of ritual and prayer, hope and despair, and maybe, just maybe the chance of a miracle, but most likely, not a chance. A thought-provoking, slow (well, your main character IS paralized from the neck down) and pragmatic film about the possibilities of faith and grace..

Daniel C (au) wrote: Martians attack Earth with superior weapons and a twisted sense of humour.I'll start by saying I thought this movie was terrible when it first came out.I figured I might've been too young to understand and so, gave it another try 20 years later and my opinion remains.I had no idea it had such a star studded cast, or that Tim Burton was involved though. Oh dear...I get that this is probably meant to be a parody and some sort of tribute to old 1950's sci-fi movies but this feels like it's something else entirely. While there is opportunity for humour in here and some of the nods are obvious, most of the jokes fall flat, or get repeated too often. Maybe that's also part of the point? I dunno.Mars Attacks! just feels too painful to watch through in the end. 20 years on the acting is stiff, the effects are cheap and there's much better parodies or alien invasion movies out there. Thankfully there are also much better Tim Burton films too!

Jared P (gb) wrote: The best and only good Batman movie to come out of the 90's.

Brian P (ru) wrote: Dull and pretentious, this tries to be a movie along the lines of Godfather but its just uninteresting. Hoffman seems all wrong as Dutch and Loren Dean isn't good enough to carry a movie. Willis and Kidman are wasted in supporting roles.

Jonny B (it) wrote: A forgotten classic from childhood still holds up and adds even more substance in modern times. Highly probable 'Paperhouse' is owned by one Chris Nolan. The movie still doesn't feel dated even if the dream world can sometimes look like the set for The Cure video 'Just Like Heaven'. There's an insidious mood under everything that works alongside themes of depression and childhood imagination that messed with me psychologically unlike any other movie I have ever seen. The acting is so damn good from these kids it makes the subject and events all the more poignant and the direction, with a haunting helping hand score from Hanz Zimmer, by Bernard Rose is crafty and provides a bizarre mood that I only can compare to looking at a Meatyard photograph, not similar but their unnerving way of getting under one's skin is quite astonishing. The best horror movie you've never heard about.

Michael T (de) wrote: Trend-setting Chinese cult film is slapsticky fun, if you're in the right mood.

Viktor N (mx) wrote: Maybe not the best movie.. and sertainly not the most beautiful.. but hey, it's still a 80's fantasy movie with dragons in it.. =D

Justin R (es) wrote: much more tolerable than expected.

Thomas S (mx) wrote: It ok not like the book

Vince K (it) wrote: Spoilers - Kaylie went to such elaborate lengths to catch the ghosts on camera that it was disappointing the movie ended with her brother being blamed for her death. Are the cops going to examine the tapes? Will there be more Oculuses? Scary movie though with some very creepy moments. Also great to see Karen Gillan in something if you're a Doctor Who fan.

Jonathan V (nl) wrote: Great movie. Meryl Streep is Briliant!