Between the Lies

Between the Lies

A private detective has an affair with an obsessed client. She then starts putting ideas into his head that his wife is cheating on him with her dance partner hoping he will leave his wife for her. The private detective then thinks that his wife is actually having an affair and starts spying on her and ends up having an affair with his client again thinking it is OK because his wife is cheating on him when she is actually completely innocent.

A private detective who mostly investigates cheating husbands takes on what he believes to be a run-of-the-mill case, little realizing the extent to which he has been misled. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin M (gb) wrote: As I do without almost every film I watch, I went into this one blind. Well, not entirely blind, I knew Takashi Miike directed it and that caries a certain expectations. You can't watch many of his films without getting expectations the same way you expect certain things from Quentin Tarantino, regardless what his film is about.I was not expecting what I saw at all. He had, *gash* sympathetic characters! What!? There are no crazy lunatics, no madness, no perverted sexual under tones, little graphic violence. Instead it was a simple, predictable even, tale of a poor samurai trying to protect his honor. It paints with broad strokes, but the colors are well chosen. It's very well shot and well worth seeing. It's the easiest film of Miike's that I can recommend to the general public, more so than even 13 Assassins. Any fan of samurai films or Japanese period dramas should check this one out. For myself? I will be making a point to watch more of Miike's films in the future.

Jason J (ca) wrote: I've never watched any of the previous Puppet Master movies but if it's anything like this one then I probably won't watch another one. There are a lot of errors with the actual timeline of the story which is set in 1939. Both the US and Japan have entered the war, Auschwitz is up and running and the US flag has 50 stars on it so the filmmakers didn't do their homework properly. That's just the tip of the iceberg though. There's poor acting all round especially from the villains of the movie. You might forgive the actors as it is a b-movie after all but the Japanese woman's accent is terrible. I really wouldn't bother with this movie, it's a complete waste of time. As for myself, I might take a look at the first Puppet Master movie to see if it's any better than this one. It can't be any worse - can it?

Monet J (es) wrote: First movie I have ever seen where I didnt mind seeing Samuel L. Jackson or him playing an angry black man.

Al M (nl) wrote: A sequel to a piece-of-crap remake of a classic, Return to House on Haunted Hill is a relatively entertaining--if totally brain-dead--piece of horror cinema that features plenty of gore (albeit badly rendered via CGI) and a few laughs along the way....

Alailson B (it) wrote: Belas atuaes e um roteiro honesto e extremamente engraado.

Alan S (fr) wrote: A very simple little movie but filled with different storylines and themes. It talks about family, love, death, life and how one can live it. I thought the good acting solidified the movie.

Charles G (es) wrote: I loved the photography. I also thought the cast was good in the movie.

Ankit S (es) wrote: yeh jo desh hai tera....

Alexander S (fr) wrote: Another 80's childhood favorite of mine.

Michael F (de) wrote: heartwarming tale of two malfunctioning robots who fall in love when they are returned to the factory . . .

Tim S (mx) wrote: Foreign Correspondent is a bit of an odd film in that it doesn't fully deliver on the Hitchcock name, but yes it does. It's a movie that a lot of people wanted to make and that a lot of people had a say as to what went into it and what came out of it in the final product. Based on the book "Personal History" by war correspondent Vincent Sheehan, the film takes place towards the beginning of World War II in Europe, and the head-sure reporter who's sent there to find the big story. The film is filled with lots of Hitchcock touches and some fantastic special effects and sequences, but it's probably not in one of Hitchcock's top tier films. It's very, very good without being perfect, especially with the out-of-character patriotic ending that it has.

brian r (br) wrote: so cool best movie of al JCVD movies