Between the Teeth

Between the Teeth


"Fortified with a new band, and a bevy of fresh arrangements, Byrne sought to do more than debut virgin material at this show; he was out to recast his entire past. It was the first time the singer offered live versions of sings from his celebrated Talking Heads days since that band stopped touring eight years ago....Some of this material had never before been performed live. Twisting a full continent of sound into an unnameable shape, Byrne's group combines everything from samba and mambo to R&B and pop. Despite a considerable history to live up to, Byrne proved at this show that he has never been better." - New York Daily News. Play List... 1. Well 2. (Nothing But) Flowers 3. Girls On My Mind 4. Something Ain't Right 5. Life During Wartime 6. Women vs Men 7. Hanging Upside Down 8. Lie To Me 9. She's Mad 10. Blind 11. Make Believe Mambo 12. And She Was 13. Buck Naked 14. Road To Nowhere . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: -The House of Cowards-Miike has turned over a new leaf and it seems, that he has left shock cinema behind. Instead he's been making what I would call, his mature work. Make no mistake, his old stuff will always have a place in my heart.

Troy O (ru) wrote: This was freaking awesome!!! Blood bath

Christian A (gb) wrote: Deep, dark, moving....but it does drag a little.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Friday, January 14, 2011 (2006) Fingerprints HORROR Convoluted and straight-to-rental plot involving an unfortunate bus incident involving many children on a small local town as one new school- girl observes and as the film progresses, that's was not what actually happened! Anybody whose seen as many films as I have will know that this has all been done before, but to see this again and on low budget too is quite a painful experience! 1 out of 4

Ehren (fr) wrote: Recently saw a 35mm print of this and loved it! Went out immediately and bought the dvd. Underrated and rewatchable. Check it out.

Jacob T (ru) wrote: This is a sequel to the first King Kong remake from 1976. This is a great movie. It is very scary. King Kong (1976) is better. King Kong (1933) is better. The sequel to King Kong (1933) The song of Kong is also better. The third King Kong movie King Kong vs Godzilla is also better. the 4th King Kong movie King King escape is also better. The King Kong remake from 2005 is also better. But still this is a great film. The is one of the best monster movies from the 80's. See it. See all the King Kong movies.

Scott D (us) wrote: Another slow starter, and with a treadbare plot, but still provides enough entertainment to forgive its flaws. Who wouldn't enjoy a roguish Malcolm McDowell attempting to impersonate a German duke against his will after being kidnapped by a sinister Oliver Reed? Highlight is a side-splitting attempted rescue of the real duke held prisoner in a castle dungeon which includes a memorable comedic swordfight in the spirit of the Elwes vs. Patinkin throwdown later exhibited in [i]The Princess Bride.[/i]

Andr B (es) wrote: Um road movie feito de memrias, afetos e acerto de contas com o passado.

jay n (mx) wrote: When this was made Alice Faye was queen of the Fox musical lot and so she is very much the focus of this ordinary film with a few good numbers but Betty Grable although clearly in the secondary role was just about to shoot to the top of the pack. The girls are well matched and while not the best partner either ever had make an enjoyable team too bad this wasn't in color it would have perked it up and probably added an extra bit of zip that is missing.

chad g (us) wrote: Yeah, I guess they were young once but that doesn't mean it's worth a movie. I could have lived without it.