Between Two Fires

Between Two Fires

A young mother with her daughter escapes child trafficking in their home country Belarus just to end up in a refugee camp in northern Sweden. In her vulnerable situation she becomes a easy target for her surrounding. Soon enough she get put in front of extreme choices which turns her life to a nightmare.

A young mother with her daughter escapes child trafficking in their home country Belarus just to end up in a refugee camp in northern Sweden. In her vulnerable situation she becomes a easy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luis Felipe G (us) wrote: La Animacin es Horriblemente Horrible, Pero me agrada que cuenten lo que pasa entre juegos con pelculas, y deb verla antes de jugar Dead Space 2....oh well xD

Franck B (ru) wrote: Tu veux tre mon AMI ?

Lam P (ru) wrote: This is a funny little film, ponderous in places but generally uncertain and underwhelming. Pattinson is excellent in going from shy to erratic though his accent wavers (indeed, having Spanish actors speaking broken English doesn't help either). Interesting take on the biopic and historical drama, though the elements don't quite match up. It's good, if a bit wobbly in the middle.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: I saw this movie again today it is on one of my top ten Asian horror lists. I think that if you like Asian Horror like The Ring or Ju-on this is for you. It starts out with the scares right away but often like much of Asian Horror draws out its horror scenes with the ghost. But I think it manages to work as the ghost is quite frightening to look at. And the story is pretty good as it is involving two detective partners tracking down a murderer except later on they discover at the end it is a vengeful spirit doing the killing. There is also a big twist at the end which I think a lot of people will find pretty dam good although maybe slightly stretched.

Todd S (it) wrote: Monster Night was a horror-comedy for kid produced by National Lampoon's and it looked kind of interesting. Looks are of course deceiving and this movie was a bomb. I don't think kids would even like this movie. It's cheesy, the effects are awful, and the acting is so over the top that it just destroys any credibility this film may have had. There are movies without a plot, that are hard to follow, that are boring, and so forth, but this, this was just all-around terrible!

Anna B (nl) wrote: It's hard to imagine that the same director who did Twilight is behind this realistic, yet greatly made low budget film.

Jon A (kr) wrote: Late-night not-quite-porn that might be considered a thriller if your expectations are not very high.

Jamen J (de) wrote: I LOVE this movie! It is killing me not seeing it! OHHH! I NEEEEEED to see this movie. The last time I saw this movie was YEARS ago, maybe like 4. I would do ANYTHING for anyone who would get me this movie. OMG!!! I NEEED TO SEE IT!

Greg R (it) wrote: The animation and the art direction in this film is incredible, and the cinematography is also great, the visuals are about as enchanting as a Disney and a Miyazaki film. The problem is it has nothing steady, the film's pacing is not smoothly at all, especially in the beginning when scenes just appear,and then it ends and it never appears again or talked about ever again. The main character/hero has nothing to him that makes him a hero with dialogue thats mostly full of "yippies" and "yahoo's" and "wows" Several characters I just thought were very un-interesting and even though this film went through several different directors and though several script revisions, even the final draft just could've been done a lot better, the sad thing was it was written by Chris Columbus who wrote the Goonies, he's a great writer, but I guess not everyone has everything they've ever made a total classic . Several scenes have absolutely no point to it. I love imaginative films in which thats what this film is, but there has got to be more than just amazing visuals. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me but I feel like this film is just too over appreciated.

Adam S (nl) wrote: good but the ending kinda sucked

Troy F (ag) wrote: I enjoyed Tuff Turf for what it was, but it is a rather cliche film that goes everywhere you expect it to go the moment you see the first 10 minutes. It's Rebel Without A Cause, somewhat the Karate Kid -- basically you've seen this all before. A rebellious boy Morgan who just moved to L.A. has interest in a girl who belongs to a gang leader (of course a bunch of guys who look much too old for high school), and though he supposedly has this charm of never giving up on her, this path he chooses gets him into a bunch of shit. We never really figure why Morgan is particularly interested in her, maybe because he knows she could do better? I could say that about every prostitute on the streets, but I'm not gonna put my life on the line to help each one out, am I? I know, it's just a flippin' movie, and yes you get a happy ending (not a spoiler) so it seems to pay off, but here's a kid who just wouldn't quit, and you wonder if it really was worth all the shit he went through? For that, the movie's pretty darn stupid. Though I'll let it pass because its the 80's, there's cool music in it, and Robert Downey's gotta small role. ILike I said if you like 80's films, you may enjoy it for what it is, but you've seen this sort of movie many times before.

Paul J (ag) wrote: Care for an elegant and romantic vacation with Katherine Hepburn as your guide? Look no further. Lean takes his time and lets the movie breathe. It may be romanticized and a little naive but it's a true love poem to Vienna. This also marked a transition for Hepburn. After this she went on to play more mature and challenging roles. 'Summertime' is a metaphor for an overwhelming beauty that can't last. At the heart of the film is this contradiction. Hepburn's character is in love and both afraid of this romance. Like the season, she knows it can't last. This was a fascination that Lean was per-occupied with. He both adored the desert of Lawrence of Arabia but he was also afraid of it. This humility keeps him in awe. Like in this film's central protagonist, there's both a confidence and an insecurity. How fitting that Hepburn would play her. She both loved movies but was also disapproving of them.

Ava P (ca) wrote: A new Audrey Hepburn movie stole my heart with this wonderful film. Oh Peter O' Toole! How dashing you are!

bill s (ru) wrote: Some good actors in one blah of a horror movie.