Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds

Passengers on an ocean liner can't recall how they got onboard or where they are going. Soon it becomes apparent that they all have something in common.

Several recently deceased people awake on a ship bound for the afterlife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shajie K (ag) wrote: we'll this was very confusing. the subtitles definitely were wrong. however a happy ending again just like the first movie. only difference was the demon turned into a ghost and was imprisoned. she was then save by the princess and I assume instead of falling in love with the general like in the first movie she fell in love with the princess.

Matt F (jp) wrote: bad bad bad bad - truly awful

Paul P (es) wrote: You want to like a film like this one. A simple human story, no budget and a young filmmaker with talent. But there is a new trend in film now called the "open ended movie" Not just an ending but the entire film is open ended. Now alot of films have been successful doing this because they give us characters we like or care about. This movie instead of showing us scenes to admire, relate, cheer for, fascinate or God forbid interest us in the character, we get him pulling his cart...yes pulling, not pushing. And after the 8th different scene of him pulling the cart i nearly gave up finishing the movie.

Salvia W (kr) wrote: Football gives hope to people in the World War. Though I don't like football at all I think it was not bad.

Vinceno B (de) wrote: good thriller Meg Ryan performance excellent I liked the twist at end

Kent L (fr) wrote: wow... salma hayek is my future babies mama so i need to see this

Colin (ca) wrote: any nirvana thing rocks.

Allan C (de) wrote: The three story set is the real star of this stylish Jerry Lewis production. Jerry again stars, directs, produces and co-wrote the screenplay with frequent collaborator Bill Richmond. Jerry plays a goofy guy working is a wacky sorority house, along with Kathleen Freeman, George Raft, Harry James, and Milton Berle. One interesting item of note on this film is that Jerry invented "video assist" while making this film. When you watch behind-the-scenes footage of a director watching a monitor while filming did not exist until Jerry did it on this film, which is now an industry standard.

Matthew H (gb) wrote: I dig the imagery, but the film feels too self-indulgent and it drags in spite of its 55 minute length. Cocteau works best when his images are being put to use in mythology ("Orpheus") or fairytales ("Beauty and the Beast"). See those instead.

Greg W (au) wrote: good sequel of sorts

Jackson P (mx) wrote: Matthew Broderick is in a good film