Between Wars

Between Wars

This film traces the career of Dr Edward Trenbow (Corin Redgrave), who becomes a well-respected Sydney psychiatrist. In the 1920s, he takes up residence at Callan Park Asylum. The film touches on issues of psychoanalysis and physical treatments, such as fever treatment.

This film traces the career of Dr Edward Trenbow (Corin Redgrave), who becomes a well-respected Sydney psychiatrist. In the 1920s, he takes up residence at Callan Park Asylum. The film ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (jp) wrote: This filmed touched me in ways no other has. Every actor in this film is highly talented and they make the film even more exciting to watch. The shots of NYC are amazing and the music is dead on. Faenza and Heyman did an excellent job in writing a screenplay that is effective and persuasive. I left this movie with a new perspective on love and relationships, which is exactly what I look for in a film.

Javier E (br) wrote: A good revenge movie.

Howard E (fr) wrote: Leave it to Hollywood to try to wring more money out of a tired franchise. That's exactly what they have done with JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT.The film is based on the character created by bestselling author Tom Clancy. We first met Jack in 1990 when Alec Baldwin played him in THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER. Then came a couple of films, in 1992 and 1994, starring Harrison Ford as the CIA Agent of Steel, and then Ben Affleck played him again in 2002. This time a young Jack Ryan is played by Chris Pine, whom audiences know as James T. Kirk in the rebooted STAR TREK franchise. The guy seems to be making a career out of playing familiar characters.In JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT, we see Jack as a Ph. D. student at the London School of Economics, which is in London, in case you didn't know. (The director shows the London Eye, the Thames River, the Palace of Westminster and the Union Flag and tells us this is London.) It's September 11, 2001 and, when the Twin Towers fall, Jack decides to drop out of school and join the army. Fast forward 18 months and we find Jack on duty in Afghanistan. When his helicopter gets shot down, Jack is sent - broken back and all - back to the US for physiotherapy where he meets his future wife, Dr. Cathy Muller, who is played by Keira Knightley.Stateside and healed, Jack gets recruited into the CIA's Financial Intelligence Unit and is sent to work at an investment bank on Wall Street as an analyst who covertly tracks down suspicious dealings that may be used to support terrorist activities. When Jack believes he has uncovered a Russian plot to collapse the US economy, he gets sent to Moscow to investigate further. Within minutes of his arrival, someone tries to kill him and Jack Ryan goes from being a boring desk jockey to killer field agent. Fortunately, both his training as a marine and his physical stamina that saw him through his back injury serve him well and he survives his first test with barely a scratch on him. In fact, Jack survives all his altercations with just a tiny cut on his forehead even though he still needs to wear a back brace.The bad guy in the story is played by Kenneth Branagh, who also directs the film. Branagh plays Russian oligarch and criminal mastermind Victor Cherevin, whose company Ryan is investigating. Although Cherevin somehow knows that Ryan is more than just a paper pusher, he lets his guard down long enough for Ryan to infiltrate his company's security - not to mention his firewall, download his hard drive onto a USB stick and get it to his CIA handler. Obligatory car chases in two cities follow and a bomb plot is foiled. Jack Ryan saves the world once again and all the good guys live happily ever after.While there should be enough action in the storyline to sustain the film, it keeps falling flat. For me, it was like watching a bad episode of the TV series HOMELAND... not that there ever was such a thing. The most tension in the film came when Jack was sitting on the floor in Cherevin's office downloading the files - wow, scary stuff! Are economic crimes ever suspenseful? There was never any point where I was sitting on the edge of my seat wondering how Jack will get through his next tribulation. The camerawork is terribly shaky too - intentionally so - but all that does is make you want to rub your eyes and try to refocus them.JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT was the "sum of all my fears". It expected it to be bad and it didn't disappoint. Save your money and give it a miss. However, if you are going to see it, keep your eyes out for a very familiar face who has a cameo role.

Ankur S (ag) wrote: Pleasantly surprised with the movie.

Dann M (nl) wrote: Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson square-off in the intense and dramatic thriller Changing Lanes. After leaving the scene of a traffic accident, a lawyer ends up embroiled in a feud with the person that he hit in order to recover an important file that he left at the scene. The story is remarkably engaging and has layers of subtext, as the grudge match leads both of the main characters to learn things about themselves as they push each other to the limit and find out how far they're willing to go. Affleck and Jackson give excellent performances, and are backed by a strong supporting cast that includes Amanda Peet, Toni Collette, and William Hurt. An incredibly powerful film, Changing Lanes takes a provocative look at the darker side of human nature.

Gwenllian L (br) wrote: Incredibly dull with no story - just a bunch of people sitting around talking about extremely random stuff, none of it especially interesting or even connected in any meaningful way. It was only two hours long but seemed to drag on forever.

Dave J (de) wrote: Monday, June 4, 2012 (2000) Double Tap (In Chinese with English subtitles) ACTION/ DRAMA First by looking at the title, Double Tap is a game where the Hong Kong police play in where it involves several different targets and be able to shoot two bullets exactly at the same hole. Interesting beginning about the double tap shooting game resorting to an unnecessary build up to a predictable conclusion. Leslie Chung as Rick slow descend into madness after a convenient interruption of a shooting game for the Hong Kong law enforcement by a suicidal by cop. 2.5 out of

hannah c (mx) wrote: love this movie soooo much :)

Anthony T (jp) wrote: The sequel to one of my favourite 80's films, still very enjoyable even though its almost a copy of the first film.

Dan K (jp) wrote: A different time and place for rock and the environment it thrived in. A display of unforseen conditions gone horribly wrong, but you can't turn away.

carly d (ca) wrote: I watched this film at school and I loved it it a brilliant film me and my uncle love watching it

Mlissa A (gb) wrote: Ouin... Tres beige comme film.

Zach M (ru) wrote: Not the most enjoyable of Scooby-Doo movies, but still a decent watch.A bit of a musical for this movie has Mystery Inc fighting vampires.A little predictable, but it did have some fun to it still.Matthew Lillard and Frank Welker should always be Shaggy and Scooby.