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Ahmed R (ru) wrote: Still didnt watch but have the movie

Grant T (ag) wrote: Simply, a good film. Nothing very outgoing about this one, but a few nice performances and an interesting story lead this to be a very enjoyable story about the one and only Marilyn Monroe

richard c (ca) wrote: I wasn't sure what to make of Rites of Spring before I saw it. i think i might have seen an obscure trailer for it at some point, I don't remember hearing a lot of buzz about it, only seeing some very cool artwork for the film. Well I'm pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised. What starts of as a run of mill chiller quickly turns into a sort of creature feature of sorts. As the film opens two young women are taken captive and awake to being prepared by an old man talking about something getting fed. As we move along another group of characters are introduced who kidnap the young daughter of a rich gentleman and his wife. Things go very bad when the crime goes awry and ends up in casualties and they cross paths with one of the women who has escaped their captive. The movie works best as an overlong chase scene for the most part. But it's cinematically engaging in that it builds a nice old fashioned 70's tension not seen in the genre it quite some time. Technically it's a polished film competently made. The lead performance from Anessa Ramsey leaves much to be desired. But a now genre standout AJ Bowen makes another solid mark on his horror resume and he's cute too. As for the main villain of sorts the creature design is mostly uninspired but it moves quickly and doesn't leave you a lot of time considering it. The only downfall of the film is although a nail biting, edge of you seat ride it doesn't build to any sort of explanation or complex storyline. Still for what it is Rites of Spring is a solid, well made slasher film with a nice clean cut finale I very much appreciated.

Mike M (it) wrote: One of my favorite movies

manly m (ca) wrote: excellent movie i could watch this movie over & over in my favorite barshop in bklyn king kutz big wanyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol

Tyler C (jp) wrote: Well, this is the great horror movie.

Ryan N (au) wrote: A very psychedelic movie, a great movie if you enjoy psychedelic music like pink floyd and grateful dead woo some of the best psychedelia.

Markus K (jp) wrote: Well, it's THE original Gamera, so it has camp value, lot of it! But, unfortunately, it is also very boring movie. Effects are decent at best (some of them are actually ok), and actors are nothing great. Especially those americans at the beginning are horrible. And the kid is annoying and just plainly idiot.

Ethan P (kr) wrote: Whatever Being John Malkovich is, it is created with an incredible amount of imagination, wit and depth. Some parts of it are hard to grasp and it is very entertaining, but also frightening to see so many willing to lose their identity to someone else.

neil L (fr) wrote: The Changeling is a very cool haunted house film that's creepy and scary. I loved it

Adrian F (mx) wrote: although hit and run has an intriguing and exciting premise, its filled with stupid characters who do the wrong things at the wrong time. its one of those movies that gives you the reaction of what if this happened to you. overall its not scary at all and there are a lot of stupid moments in it as well. the acting wasn't that bad though.

Joshua L (it) wrote: Classic Action flick!!! I wish they still made movies like this. fun action with rare performances