Beverly Hills Cop III

Beverly Hills Cop III

Back in sunny southern California and on the trail of two murderers, Axel Foley again teams up with LA cop Billy Rosewood. Soon, they discover that an amusement park is being used as a front for a massive counterfeiting ring – and it's run by the same gang that shot Billy's boss.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   rescue,  

Axel Foley, while investigating a car theft ring, comes across something much bigger than that: the same men who shot his boss are running a counterfeit money ring out of a theme park in Los Angeles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Beverly Hills Cop III torrent reviews

Darius J (ca) wrote: Strange unnecessary cameos. Whenever Luke Skywalker spoke, all I heard was The Joker (Mark Hamill played a gay jewel thief).

Mary Z (ru) wrote: I never knew you could rate movies like this before- So cool- This is a great movie -

Zach M (us) wrote: Actually pretty good.

Chuck S (ru) wrote: Unfortunately the movie did not live up to much of the hype I had read on it. It was the Noir premise with the Sci-Fi twist that drew me to check out this movie. Sadly, the acting and script left little to desire or enjoy. It's strong point, the story itself, the different twist's & turn the story line takes, and the recurring interaction of the different characters. If your into either genre (noir or Sci-Fi), you'll most likely check it out to establish your own opinion, otherwise, there are plenty of better movies in both genre to keep one satisfied.

Dyron W (kr) wrote: While Murphy is at his best (at times) and the makeup work is great, this is a lazy, dumb-down Hollywood sequel that does no justice to the previous movie.

Mikael K (ca) wrote: Somewhat overtly romantic, "Belle Epoque" is still a rather charming film with a warm and fun feel to it.

Safriya K (jp) wrote: wonderful movie. one of karishma's best roles, such good acting. Nana Patekar is scary as always. He does an amazing job by making us hate him. Shahrukh's guest appearance (which was less of a guest appearance close to the end) was amazing, great acting with good fight scenes.

Tim S (us) wrote: Excellent start to a franchise.

Henry C (fr) wrote: If you just skip the live action sequences it's amazing

Dave R (nl) wrote: a very atmospheric film. the focus of the story seems to be the tension between science and superstition in a world that was modernizing very quickly - story in set in 1916. good performances but overall i found the tension that was supposed to be in the story to be uneven.

Carlos I (de) wrote: Don't know what my problem was before... It's a pretty solid little slasher remake. Even it's a little cliche, it's entertaining enough.

Shawn H (us) wrote: Two men seem to be falling deeper and deeper into some obsessed state over what may or may not be real snuff films. To me..this was a huge snooze fest. it was missing the psychological mind twist that..say..8MM (with Nicholas Cage) had.

James M (kr) wrote: Better than the remake. Brought back some memories. Jason, thought of you

Mark C (br) wrote: The premise and the resolution are largely unsatifying.

Nolan P (jp) wrote: Imagine taking a 3 week survival trip with a friend and his "survivalist" buddy. That is what one city boy does. Bit talky, BUT the suspense is there. Some good basic survival info that will save your life as well.