Bewaffa Se Waffa

Bewaffa Se Waffa

Nagma's story takes viewer into past of Rukhsar & Nagma's friendly competition, Rukshar's Meeting with Aslam. Their marriage problems start with the discovery of Rukhsar's inability to give...

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Rony P (es) wrote: This "horror" movie has probably the funniest climax this side of the SCARY MOVIE series....

Jason M (es) wrote: This a terrible movie, even worse than a sci-fi channel flick. It's boring, slow, terrible acting, and a bad storyline. The script is full of profanity and there is no real script. If you really want to see this movie, just watch the trailer. Literally, the trailer shows the whole movie, key parts, and the finish. Don't watch this, it's trash.

Jesse O (ca) wrote: May he rest in peace, but it's no secret that Robin Williams' film choices after Good Will Hunting simply didn't match his best work. I can only think of three post-2000 roles where someone actually made good use of Williams' talents. Those three films would be One Hour Photo, Insomnia, and World's Greatest Dad. With that said, even in the worst of movies, Williams would, at least, try his hardest to make something out of nothing. And that goes for the rest of this cast, to be perfectly honest. There's a lot of talented people here and yet, even with all of that, this film just fails miserably as a Christmas movie. The ratio of bad-to-good movies in this subgenre is even greater than that of horror movies. Yes, I said it. That's even with a classic such as It's a Wonderful Life on one end of the spectrum. Especially these days, it's nigh impossible to make a good Christmas movie. I liked the Harold and Kumar Christmas movie, but it 's not like that really set the world on fire. It was just cool seeing that particular brand of raunchy comedy mixed in with the holiday. It wasn't great art or anything, it was just a fun, silly diversion. And that as like, what, 3-4 years ago now. But I digress, this movie is fairly terrible all things considered. It's obvious that there were no revisions made to the script, because this just feels like a really empty first draft of one. It's a script that depends entirely on the talents of the cast. But when you handcuff these actors the way you did, it's gonna be nigh impossible to truly elevate into something that is even remotely watchable. And they try, Xenu knows they tried. But the story is cliched, stereotypical, sitcom-y, and just overall unpleasant. Unpleasant in that it's not fun to watch. This movie also tried to have some pretty dark moments near the climax that just didn't work at all. It just doesn't mesh well with the rest of the film. It's really out of place. There's a hint of a more serious story with Mitch's alcoholism and how that has affected his family and has pushed his oldest son away. He actively made Mitch not want to ever come back home due to his drunken ways. But, see, I put more detail into that explanation than they actually did on-screen. It wouldn't have been great regardless, but it would've given the film a more serious, interesting tone. As it stands, Mitch and Boyd do the whole reconciliation thing, which literally comes out of nowhere. They're driving down the road, arguing about shit that happened in the past, and then they make up. It was the most bipolar reconciliation I've ever seen. It just felt cheap, because it didn't feel satisfactory at all. It didn't resonate emotionally, it just happened and you moved on. It didn't click. Joel McHale and Robin Williams certainly tried, but it just didn't work. The film has its amusing moments, but nothing noteworthy. I honestly thing I'm being kind in giving this the one star. One or two chuckles and a talented cast, whose hands are handcuffed with a shitty script, isn't really enough to justify a 1-star rating. Though Tim Heidecker, in my opinion, got the best "laughs" from me. It is what it is, but as it stands, this is a terrible movie that no one should ever pay any attention to. If you like Joel McHale, watch Community or The Soup. If you like Robin Williams, watch The Fisher King. If you like Lauren Graham, watch The Gilmore Girls. If you like Candice Bergen, watch Murphy Brown. I can literally do this for NEXT to every one in the cast, even Boyd's son, he was in Looper. But I'm not, because you get the point. Your time is better spent doing, or watching, something else. Terrible movie, at least it's super short, no more than 73 minutes at the most. It's not painless, but at least it's over quick.

Ellis C (gb) wrote: mah! niente di che! per devo dire che l'episodio con sergio rubini e margherita buy mi proprio piaciuto!

Michele M (br) wrote: luckily, I had nothing else to do. Dragged on a bit for me

James T (es) wrote: a good and entertaining family movie for all ages

Wendy S (au) wrote: The story plays out like on stage... and has some brilliant lines.... mostly through Peter Falk, but the rest of the cast is equally clever. Choppy in some scenes and seems a bit too clean for the deep, suicide topic it covered.

Tuguldur B (es) wrote: If I were the Nostalgia Critic, I'd start off with this. It is /that/ bad.

Andy G (ca) wrote: i love this movie as a movie not a cartoon... its a good story and i love the music..its the music i love..

Tim W (it) wrote: Ha, those sound effects are ridiculous. This movie was silly but fun. The second one was better Id say but this was still quite good.

Lee (it) wrote: Perverted Greek made shocker about an English couple who create murder and sexual mayhem on the island of Mykonos. A video nasty back in its day that raised more than a few eyebrows upon its release, nowadays its shock value has diminished and it even makes for a good black comedy! It's not a well made film and not one I particularly enjoyed, but I admire its craziness and taboo-breaking nature.

Sharon J (nl) wrote: How we enjoy a move is very much dependent on our expectations. This is a classic British movie and is thoroughly charming for this.The term tongue in cheek is perfectly apt when describing a Margaret Rutherford film. This film was never intended to be a bum clenching murder mystery. It does though bring some wonderfully delivered lines from Charles 'Bud' Tingwell. If you want to enjoy a cosy Sunday afternoon, wrapped up warm against the rain and wind. Then this really is a 5 star film.

Private U (us) wrote: Really, I'm not knocking the film, but it just seems torn between the surreal and reality, which works at times, and doesn't sometimes. Wish De Sica had just shot straight with Neo-Realism, but still great.

Rafael U (ca) wrote: A short movie but influential in european cinema.

Troy F (au) wrote: Pretty much any ninja flick from Cannon FIlms directed by Sam Firstenberg is sure to be a winner for anyone that likes simply 80's ninja action flicks that are hollow on original stories but kick-ass on the action. Michael Dudikoff hardly has any character, and his amnesia backstory seems to be a poor excuse for that! But these kind of movies aren't meant to have much depth or thought put into viewing them, which of course makes them lazy and not very good films in general. With this kind of movie, the story is there to drive the action, and of course its a typical deal with stoppping an arms trade with corrupt US military, but if all you're looking for is lots of ridiculous ninja action nonsense, you'll get it right here.

Andrew G (au) wrote: Stupid fun, with an emphasis on stupid.