Musical - In his quest for an heir, Rai Bahadur has an affair with Meher, a prostitute. When Meher becomes pregnant he promises to take the child and educate him. But fate has other plans, for his wife Meena also becomes pregnant at the same time. *Subtitles not available for this feature* - Kishore Kumar, Mala Sinha, I.S. Johar

In his quest for a heir, Rai Bahadur has an affair with a prostitute Meher. When Meher becomes pregnant he promises to take the child and educate him. But fate has other plans, for his wife... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kale H (ag) wrote: Not a great film, but not a bad film either. A bit low budget at times but does the job and is a quite entertaining small squad movie. I'd give it a 3.5/5 if half ratings were allowed.

Al M (nl) wrote: The newest film from Toetag Pictures takes a more serious turn than the August Underground series, Maskhead, or even The Redsin Tower. The film's title refers to a portion of the human skull, and the movie is obviously a homage to Bob Clarke's classic Dead of Night (aka Deathdream and several other titles) in which a family receives a report that their son has been killed in action during the Vietnam War only to have him return home the next day. Sella Turcica by no means follows the same development as Clarke's zombie classics; however, the influence is readily apparent. For the most part, Sella Turcica is a badly acted drama that ultimately takes a twisted turn. The ending will not disappoint, but it does take a while to get there--the film is almost two hours long. Overall, Sella Turcica marks a welcome departure for the Toetag gang as they attempt to inject story and depth while also trying to maintain their brutality. Sella Turcica fails mainly because the acting is so terrible--the bad acting in the August Underground films, Redsin Tower, and Maskhead is forgiveable because those films are meant to be a twisted blend of humor and mutilation. However, if Toetag wants to make more serious films like this, then they are going to have to find actors and actresses who can pull off the parts.

Heather M (ca) wrote: A dance competition between rival London based street crews is a guaranteed good time. The story was solid and the dances were crazy and wonderful.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Could be worth watching. Will find and devour with my eyes!

Peter P (kr) wrote: Jet Li in a good spy movie that he scripted. The action scenes in this are great, keeping a steady pace with Jet being his awesome incredible punching and kicking self, and Tcheky Karyo made a great villain, but it made me wonder, would those little needles actually work for any of the things he used them for, cause if they did it would be pretty awesome.

Jenny B (br) wrote: It seems to me that people in this site don't give a shit about European cinema. What's wrong with that? Sometimes it gets even better than the majority of American movies. Come on! Or am I just saying this because I am European and by the way, I am from Portugal? Well, maybe. But I really enjoyed it. Not by the reasons I mentioned above but because I really spent a great time watching it. That's it.

Dammy G (gb) wrote: Even when I saw the trailer for this movie at the age of five I thought this movie looked stupid. Then I did see the movie, and never liked it.

Dyron W (mx) wrote: One of my many guilty pleasure movies that I continue to adore.

Ryan W (au) wrote: For the most part it has a mildly interesting story, with a somewhat chilling ending. But nothing special, unworthy of adding to my horror library.

Samuel C (mx) wrote: A glossy rock story that has perhaps been played over too many times, but it still manages to entertain, and prove that Elvis WAS a decent actor.

Janis Z (nl) wrote: I give 3 stars to movie itself - for some people it was missing the depth, but I found it probably more likable than some other higher ranked teen scifi movies.. and a 1/2 star for the way it left open door for sequels.

Syed A (jp) wrote: hell to go in good way

Jim N (es) wrote: Charles Bronson was such a badass!

Paul J (nl) wrote: A shame this movie didn't capture the magic of the Wallace & Gromit short that first introduced this mighty character. Without Nick Park onboard, the film feels a little half-ass. The animation is naturally jaw-dropping but the script feels like it's missing that extra punch. Still, an entertaining kid's flick.

Paul E (jp) wrote: Terrible movie. Poor script. Ridiculous characters straight from a comic book. Not believable in any way. Full of gratuitous violence. A total waste of time. Don't bother watching it.

Jordan P (nl) wrote: Descent movie. Low budget but got some laughs and its worth a watch!

Ms A (it) wrote: Saw this when it first came out. Laura Dern was very good.