A suspenseful sci-fi journey tracking the turbulent relationship of Cole and Maya as they struggle to survive in a world where the human population has been left decimated after an extra-terrestrial attack.

What would you do if an asteroid was on a collision course with Earth and you only had a short time left before it hit? How would you spend those last few days? Follow Cole and Maya as they struggle to survive in a world where the human population has been left decimated after an extra-terrestrial attack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shakib C (ag) wrote: if you're feeling guilty about something or because you hurt someone's feelings then watch this movie and you will be absolved of all your guilt and sins. Because this movie is a punishment on your senses. Consider it "time served".

Danny M (nl) wrote: One of my favourite horror films of all time! Seen so many times and still gives my chills

Mary M (jp) wrote: Enjoyed this movie very much . The subtitles however were difficult to read at times. They were white and not at all clear. It's much easier when they are yellow. Terrific movie.

J K (de) wrote: Might get around to seeing this.

robby s (ca) wrote: I was excited for this move and then it just didn't live up to the hype

John H (br) wrote: Delightful comedy romp. Don't leave the cinema until you've seen the bloopers reel.

korinda t (jp) wrote: good work for a first feature...unless you're aussie u wont understand the crack up!!

Eddy G (ag) wrote: i definitely love the twists, and clive owen is a remarkable actor.

Chris G (au) wrote: I would rather get myself off with a bear trap than watch this movie again.

Rob H (nl) wrote: not so worthy sequel to a somewhat boring movie

Frank J (ca) wrote: L'adaptation cinmatographique est une question pointilleuse qui coupe l'herbe sous le pied de bien des cinastes. Dans ce cas-ci, je ne suis pas en mesure d'valuer la qualit du rapport entre le livre et son adaptation au grand cran - n'ayant malheureusement pas lu le livre de Pagnol - mais il est vident que Jean de Florette est un grand film. Rectification: une grande histoire.Toutefois, je ne crois pas que cette dernire m'aurait autant intresse littrairement parlant. En l'adaptant sur l'cran, Berri nous permet de mettre des motions sur des mots, nous permet de saisir l'ampleur du cruel destin qui lie les principaux personnages de l'histoire. Daniel Auteuil livre d'ailleurs sa plus solide performance, et de loin, incrust comme jamais dans le personnage d'Ugolin, rle qui diffre bien de ce qu'il s'est habitu jouer depuis quelques annes.Et tout a sans parler galement de l'appui d'Yves Montand et de Depardieu, qui illuminent le long-mtrage par leur jeux spectaculaires. Ce qu'il y a d'incroyable, c'est qu'on sait automatiquement la fin de l'histoire l'avance... Mais que chacune des actions des personnages se savoure comme un bon verre de vin.

Tom L (kr) wrote: Complementary to Kunderas Laughable Loves for me. Hilarious!

Dave C (jp) wrote: After being stranded on a island for 5 years a woman returns home to find that her husband has remarried. He finds out that she has been with another man on that island for the entire time. Hilarious situations ensue as they sort out the dilemma.[/FONT][SIZE=3]

Sheridan P (kr) wrote: Nah, not for me. Too old school James Bond

Sweet Poetic R (fr) wrote: i rate this movie 5 stars because it's in black and white film but yet still so good....everybody was so tallented....a real good musical...clean and fun to oldie but goodie...some would say those were the good old got good singing and dancing......a great combination.....did i mention tap dancing.....they used to get down back in the day....i always enjoyed watching these type of of the quotes i liked in this movie.....whatcha know pops....give me some skins....this was a great cast....all african americans....i give them their props.....because they earned them.....the cast played in this movie also directed this movie...talents and skills.....

Cody C (es) wrote: Very boring. Doesn't live up to it's fun premise.

doris c (ca) wrote: legend in his time....

Bela B (fr) wrote: It's not a scifi, just a regular action movie (simple linear story, no drama). Doesn't worth watching unless you would like to go back into the 80's (which we did :) ).

Gavin P (ag) wrote: An inexplicable sequel! It looks so '80s still, even though it's 1993 and is essentially a b-grade action movie. Emilio Estevez tries too hard (the fake mo is so distracting!) and Rosie O'Donnell is annoying and the whole movie is quite slow, with not much action or comedy!