Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Remake of a 1956 Fritz Lang film in which a novelist's investigation of a dirty district attorney leads to a setup within the courtroom.

High profile lawyer, Mark Hunter has an impeccable record putting criminals behind bars and is a shoo-in for governor in the upcoming election. But when ambitious rookie journalist, C.J. Nicholas begins investigating Hunter for tampering with evidence to secure his convictions, the district attorney's perfect record is up for scrutiny. Commencing a risky game of cat and mouse with Hunter, C.J. frames himself as a murder suspect to catch the corrupt D.A. in the act. Romantically involved with C.J. but unaware of his assignment, assistant D.A. Ella Crystal becomes caught between her boss's political ambitions and C.J.'s dangerous expose. As mounting evidence stacks up against both men, Ella's own life becomes threatened when she discovers incriminating proof that puts the fate of both C.J's innocence and Hunter's reputation in her hands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Official C (de) wrote: The animation here remains top-notch, however the film is bogged down with unnecessary characters, dull scenes and a boring villain.

Thomas T (fr) wrote: Daniel Radcliffe gives a brilliant performance as the lead role, and the source material from the titular novel makes Horns satisfying enough to enjoy.

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Magnus K (kr) wrote: I think this one is a bit slow, but some of the tricks they do is excellent.

Paul J (nl) wrote: An epic story that proves that Herzog was a madman. In many ways, the story of Fitzcarraldo matches the story of Herzog making this film. There's also a brilliant documentary on the making of the film: Burden of Dreams.

Katie R (fr) wrote: I'm quite fond of this underappreciated period romance. Linda Darnell really gets a chance to show off her impressive acting chops here, and shows she was quite the talented actress. George Sanders also gives and excellent performance, one of his best.

Knux E (de) wrote: I liked this movie, personally, Although they could have made Gerard butler a liiittle more ugly. Other than that, great.

Jerico T (nl) wrote: BEST JAPANESE MOVIE EVER!!!

(mx) wrote: No idea what goes on in the mind of this complex protagonist. The question is if he is either a bad guy, or a victim of an unknown background, and even though his extreme attitudes may hand us some funny moments, the spectator can't help but feel sorry for Bill, and that's what Falling Down does right. 4.5 out of 5, baby.

Orlok W (it) wrote: A flickering light leads to the kiss of death--A fine film that deserves more recognition in the Hammer oeuvre!!

Steven C (it) wrote: best film nick cage has stared in since face off