Beyond Darkness

Beyond Darkness

A priest & his family move into a new house, without knowing that it was built over the place where twenty witches were burnt at the stake. Soon the terror begins, with the house terrorizing its inhabitants with the elements that lie within the construction, like a possessed radio and a flying cleaver.

A minister and his wife move into a haunted house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruce20 B (mx) wrote: Days of Future Past shows what the X-Men series is all about. An excellent storyline with great characters such as Wolverine back in action! My Score: 89%

Julie M (ag) wrote: If you saw Tattoo and Fire I shouldn't have to say anything.

Skye B (br) wrote: Sometimes the emphasis needs to placed on the E in Experimental Film. That is exactly what this is, does that make it bad? No. It's enjoyable, and well directed, albeit not the best script (neither, though the worst). It is for a niche market, and was never released as a commercial endeavour, or for the purpose of commercial success. Again, unfortunately adding Madonna's name to the project means it started with criticism in abundance before the trailer was even released... which is not fair at all. If Woody Allen released it, it would be called a camp undervalued gem. But, sadly, names and associations speak louder than the film itself. Well done on this, specially for a first time filmmaker!! But, experience aside, I still like it.

Nick A (us) wrote: The Poughkeepsie Tapes is a good effort at a found footage horror film but in the end it just comes up short. Especially watching it after just having re-watched the found footage classic "The Blair Witch Project", you immediately see how TPT failed where TBWP succeeded. TPT suffered from an acute case of trying too hard. TBWP felt exactly like what it was: some kids in the woods exploring an urban legend. TPT felt like a filmmaker trying to be scary. The writing was shoddy and the acting suffered for it. All in all disappointing.

Kaleigh C (ag) wrote: This movie is retarded lol

Hillary D (mx) wrote: This flick was sadistic & tragic. The heinous crime against the missing girl was avenged with only more murderous acts of violence.

Mark M (kr) wrote: A return to the roots of the story as it once again centers around the town of werewolves. A woman staying there unravels the mystery of the town's terrible past. Werewolves are cool.

Jamie C (gb) wrote: Probably one of the better Bonds from the pretty poor Roger Moore era, It's very easy to watch and enjoy, Apart from a few silly bits it had some good action scenes especially the ski chase and the rock climbing scene were both pretty good, There's a nice little car chase but apart from them there's nothing else new or worth mentioning I don't think it was too overlong but too many down times make it seems longer than it is, An average Bond film but an above average Roger Moore Bond film.

Daniel C (it) wrote: Pretty funny but still not a great film. Best to just watch to wasre time.

Paul D (gb) wrote: An excellent British cast come together for a neatly styled crime drama with a very regimental approach to the plot, perfectly mirroring the characters own backgrounds. The casting here if first class as they all do a fantastic job of bringing the audience into the crime and its preparation which takes up the majority of the film.

Dan P (nl) wrote: Now this is the way a western was meant to be made.

Marieve (au) wrote: Good movie. Gable is really seducing...and credible in his role too.

Jack T (kr) wrote: Rather than being an advertisement for the fandom, Bronies serves as a truly insightful, compelling, and often delightful look at why so many young adults enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Your best bet is to watch it with an open mind if you otherwise would have no interest.

Josh M (ca) wrote: This was the first and only movie I've ever walked out of theater on. An absolutely terrible movie trying to imitate what made the 2007 film, Superbad, successful.

Stephen R (fr) wrote: a classic thru and thrufor MLK day time to ponderdont you call me man jew boy

Siriporn P (jp) wrote: Extraordinarily touching story.

Elgan D (kr) wrote: A French thriller which begins intriguingly but then unravels perplexingly. For its ninety odd minute runtime an incredible amount of ideas are squeezed in but as more is included the plot overall makes less and less sense. Some of the acting work is quite good which makes the lack of logic in the plot all the more stark.