Beyond Hypothermia

Beyond Hypothermia

A mysterious and highly successful hitwoman in Hong Kong is paid to assassinate top-level crime bosses. After beginning a relationship with a noodle vendor, she decides to travel to South Korea to complete one last job. Unfortunately, the dead man's bodyguard is out for revenge.

A mysterious and highly skilled hitwoman in Hong Kong is paid to assassinate top-level crime bosses. After striking up a relationship with a noodle vendor, she decides to travel to South ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex M (ag) wrote: Sometimes an artist's work is reviled in their life, but appreciated after their death. Sometimes an artist's work isn't discovered until AFTER their death. Such was the case with Vivian Maier, a nanny and amateur photographer whose thousands of photographs weren't discovered and displayed until after her death, leading her to now be called one of the greatest amateur photographers of all time, as showcased in one of this year's Oscar nominees for Best Documentary Feature.The film chronicles director John Maloof (who discovered Maier's work) and his attempts to get Vivian Maier the posthumous acclaim she deserves, as well as a reflection on who she was as a person by the various families she worked for throughout her life. Some have great memories of her, others not so much. But the look into this woman and the photographs she took, which involved everything from the children she looked after to homelessness, suggests a classic story of an artist who knew they had genuine talent, but wasn't ready to share it with the rest of the world. Fun fact: John Maloof's co-director on this film, Charlie Siskel, is the nephew o the late legendary film critic Gene Siskel. 8/10.

Van R (au) wrote: WRONG SIDE OF TOWN looks like the kind of action-thriller that either Stallone or Seagal could have made in their respective primes. Indeed, this David DeFalco epic appears pretty threadbare, but it wears its basic budget well. This is a conventional, fist for fist, bullet for bullet, tough guy actioneer that does not try to be anything more than it is. The spontaneity of this saga sets it apart from most crime melodramas. Everything transpires in an evening. A stupid, coked-up, low-lifer tries to rape the wife of the hero. The hero who is a former Navy SEAL intervenes in the nick of time. The low-lifer charges him with a knife and the our hero deflects the attack. The low-lifer collides with a sofa and accidentally embeds the blade in himself. Naturally, the restaurant/crime boss Seth blows his fuse when he learns about this tragedy. He orders his army of goons to kill our hero and he puts a bounty of $100-thousand on our hero. David Bautista has an incredible scene with Ja Rule in the park when argue about the future of our hero. A nitty, gritty, somewhat bare bones thriller.

Janick L (jp) wrote: Bon film, bonne ralisation et bon montage. J'ai bien aim l'ambiance.

Scott A (nl) wrote: I love this movie. I think its just a hoot how something as slow as a slug could kill someone. Some very interesting kill scenes.

Matt U (mx) wrote: I like it simply because it is French and unique, and of course the sex scenes are lovely. When we go to school, we have ideas, hopes for future, and of course systems and backgrounds. I love this film as it is about breaking all those boundaries in a non-exaggerated and seducing way. Alice Taglioni is beautiful and Salim Kechiouche is just perfect (p.s. he is a boxer)

Merri H (ru) wrote: I love the movie with the subtitles better than dubbed in English better.

Gabriel C (ag) wrote: A good Disney film with fine animation and a zippy soundtrack from Phil Collins.

william m (us) wrote: What could have been a really important message gets lost in a sea of bad film making. The most successful parts were from the view of the camera, but all the other non-documentary style outside of that was just painful to watch.

Tristan M (fr) wrote: True classic action film, starring two great actors who are well known today. I don't know if this movie falls into the war category, I would say probably not. It has some humor, and doesn't take itself seriously in a good way, but most of the humour and jokes aren't really all the good, or are just too dumb. Shooting down a plane with a shotgun, grown men arguing over their colouring book, crashing a plane into the cargo bag of another crashed plane to hide it. Ya this movie is a farce for sure, but at least it is still kinda enjoyable most of the time. The acting isn't great, the script is bland, and the pace is slow. What the true plot is I'm not even sure, there's not a begging, middle or end, no problem or goals that the characters face. It just follows them around until they feel they are done and the senator leaves, who is a pain and doesn't really have a place. A simple film, full of planes taking off and landing constantly, missing a lot and although it's a classic, it isn't really any better than being mediocre at best.

The Critic (de) wrote: A fabulously fun French farce! Superbly written and directed with fantastic performances from all concerned, especially Ugo Tognazzi and the flamboyant Michel Serrault, this terrific comedy shouldn't be missed. Followed by two sequels and remade by the United States as 'The Birdcage' in 1996.

Art S (ru) wrote: Orson Welles' first "essay film" -- not quite a documentary, not quite fiction -- helped herald in other works that crossed this line (by Werner Herzog especially, but also Mark Rappaport, Errol Morris, Michael Moore, and a steady stream of others). Godard was probably a progenitor but Welles is playing with his own legend as a faker (and the film feels sui generis), as well as focusing on two notorious "fakers", Elmyr de Hory (an art forger) and Clifford Irving (who faked Howard Hughes' autobiography) using found footage from another director. He also tries to prank us with a story focused on his romantic partner, Oja Kodar. The editing here is pretty incredible -- and not everything that seems to be, well true, is actually thus. Welles went on to make "Filming Othello" in this vein and one can only wish that he had had a chance to do more.

Tyler E (mx) wrote: The poster child of the video nasties, I Spit on Your Grave is indeed quite brutal and an extremely difficult watch. It can be viewed as either exploitative trash or a scathing comment on male sexuality. Either way, it is impossible to recommend. [F]

Boogie B (us) wrote: Fun kids movie, with heart, action, and good times. Kids and older viewers will have a good time.