Beyond the Limit

Beyond the Limit

Dr. Eduardo Plarr, despite the name is an Anglo working in a Latin American country. His work is a return home after several years. He begins to form and re-establish friendships and begins...

Dr. Eduardo Plarr, despite the name is an Anglo working in a Latin American country. His work is a return home after several years. He begins to form and re-establish friendships and begins... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan B (us) wrote: even more drama and crazyness from the first one

Ed C (jp) wrote: One line summary: This was one of the poorest indie films I've seen from the UK.One star of five. Black holes for acting, screenplay, SFX------------------------------------------The main characters are Carrie and Michael (just met, but getting along well), Robin and Dana, who have just become engaged, and Vincent, who has just broken up with his girlfriend.After a bender at a local club, the five of them get together the next morning. The electric is out, their telephones are off, both cell and land line, the AM and FM radio stations are down. The military has claimed and drained all local petrol, almost all shops are closed. There are alien somethings all around.Two military men with a bazooka take down an alien. An old crazy with a gun challenges the same military, who proceed to kill him. He fires as well, as he goes down, and kills Robin. Michael talks the military into giving them a lift (they are corporals, he had been a lieutenant). They contact George, who has some good intel from his old days at area 51. They find that there are alien imposters among them. They identify Carrie as one of them. Things get testy after that. Even worse, the real people turn on each other.Will anyone from the beginning survive? How about the human race?-------Scores--------- Cinematography: 4/10 There was way too much shaky camera work. Sound: 8/10 OK, though sound levels get out of bounds now and then. Acting: 1/10 Jeez, terrible. JC van Damme was by far the best, but he did not have all that many lines. Screenplay: 2/10 Showed early promise, then went down hill. Badly. SFX: 0/10 Bad, terrible, looks poor as in 1970s poor.

Emily H (br) wrote: Overall, a pretty bad movie, although scenes from the forest and the streets of Arcata slightly made up for it, for sentimental reasons, I suppose. Some of the stuff going on was reminiscent of the life of a Humboldt farmer in a sad/funny kind of way. Would not recommend, other than for the scenery.

Wes S (it) wrote: It's a slow three hours. The cast is exceptional, and the plot isn't that bad, but there's so little else going on in this long two-part series. It gets dull, and there are long spans between interesting moments.

Kate M (nl) wrote: wow!!!! the thing about their movies is i like their hair and clothes they wear more rather than the story!!!! But it was goooood!!!!

Underrated Movie R (ag) wrote: This may actually be worse that the third one. I didn't even know that was possible.

Rick R (gb) wrote: All About the Benjamins (2002)If you like the blacksploitation comedy of Mike Epps and Ice Cube's Friday franchise, then you're going to like this buddy cop movie too.Bucum (Ice Cube) is a professional bounty hunter picking up bail jumpers and bringing them in. He's good at what he does and is thinking about going into business for himself. The mouthy office assistant, Pam (Valarie Rae Miller) knows what kind of potential Bucum has.Bucum's next case is to pick up a low-life hustler, Reggie White (Mike Epps). Chasing him through various neighborhoods, they accidentally run into a big diamond smuggler, Williamson (Tommy Flanagan) just as he kills off a colleague who has disappointed him. Oops! Naturally, the cops are going to suspect Bucum for this.Reggie's hot girlfriend, Gina (Eva Mendes) number came up on the lottery and Reggie has lost the winning lottery ticket inside the diamond smuggler's van. So Reggie and Bucum must join forces to retrieve his lottery ticket and Bucum can try to retrieve the diamonds.

Alexander C (de) wrote: Could be worth watching. Will find and devour with my eyes!

Tim N (es) wrote: Great movie that really grabs the time frame they were going for well. The big hair, clothing styles. I don't remember seeing this when it first came out, but I purchased a copy of it on VHS. I really enjoyed it.

Justin B (gb) wrote: Yup. It's terrible. Though I occasionally found myself giggling at a few of Pauly Shore's stoner antics it doesn't excuse the absolute lack of a plot or any genuinely funny moments or characters.

Justin D (kr) wrote: Absolutely loved this movie as a kid (even though Henry's a Cub ) lol. Grew up on this movie. I will always love movies like this also Summer Catch and The Scout. Just good baseball movies I grew up watching as a kid.

Cameron M (kr) wrote: It may please those looking for camp (pun intended) hilariocity, but as is Sleepaway Camp relies on brief moments of repulsive gore to pass off as horror and a bizarre twist with an annoyingly abrupt ending.