Beyond the Limits

Beyond the Limits

The rookie journalist Vivian seeks Frederick, the caretaker of the oldest cemetery in an undefined country, asking for an interview and the old man tells the story of two "costumers" and both connected by a mysterious secret. The powerful gangster Jimmie Levinson accuses his former partner Paul Pattuchi of stealing a load of cocaine and orders to kill his beloved girlfriend Clarice. Paul is found dead later in a cottage, and Jimmie and his friends and girlfriends are visited during a dinner party by Robert Downing first and then by the sadistic Mortimer and his partner Rick seeking the truth about Paul and a suitcase with a mysterious relic. The second story takes place in the Middle Ages, where the cruel David Deming and his minion Tom Brewster chase the renegade priest James Flynn in the name of the Inquisition but actually trying to force him to reveal the secret of the Eternal Heart to grant immortality.

The rookie journalist Vivian seeks Frederick, the caretaker of the oldest cemetery in an undefined country, asking for an interview and the old man tells the story of two "costumers" and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ming Siu G (ru) wrote: Intense psychological thriller with a breakthrough central performance from Daniel Wu. Despite the shakiness of the pop-psychology, it's riveting from start to (gloriously over-the-top) finish.

Todd A (us) wrote: Preposterous and over the top, 2 Guns has likable leads in a wildly uneven and convoluted movie.

Sgt C (nl) wrote: (7%)A truly dire mess that feels like it was directed by Beavis and Butt-head after a heavy drug and alcohol binge as the camera movements and edits during any sort of action will ruin your sight and the wafer-thin plot makes little sense (or did I simply stop caring?). And lastly the stupid song and dance routine at the end is the dog muck flavoured icing on the cake. I'm all for some juvenile fun in my movies but the feeling I got watching this turkey is that the makers need to grow up and make a proper movie and stop wasting money (this crap lost about $9 million at the box office) and using up my time with this garbage.

Rachel S (br) wrote: sounds funny & good.

ChadPoop G (ag) wrote: oh that Judy Dench!!! She can act!!!

Daniel D (ru) wrote: Good plot and nive picture's of the Vercor

NoPants R (au) wrote: A lot of people give this one the shaft, but I have to say, I actually like it. I mean, it's nothing compared to the first film, but it has some good stuff in it. People die, there are some cool things that go on. It isn't as eerie as the first one, but it has its creepy moments. I think this film wouldn't be ridiculed so much if it hadn't been part of the Poltergeist series, but because of its other installments, it has that label of being weaker and cheesy. On its own, it may stand stronger.

Anna B (de) wrote: Very good 80's movie.

Maha M (ca) wrote: I love the leads but the film was weak

Scott D (mx) wrote: I am watching all of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies in order, this was #5. This might be my least favorite one so far, and the first 4 were not good movies. How this movie has a sequel and reboot (that is somehow worse than the original) is a mystery. It's Arnold's first starring role, but he really doesn't say much, and most of the plot doesn't make any sense. James Earl Jones is some sort of evil snake (literally) and Conan and his friends have to kill him for a bunch of reasons. That's the best I can do here. I guess if you are going to watch one of the Conan movies it would be this one, but unless you are Schwarzenegging like I am, don't bother.

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Pretty cool little modern noir. All the classic tropes are there and they're done fairly well. It's nothing groundbreaking or all that memorable, but if you're looking to kill some time and want a film noir fix, you should enjoy.