Beyond the Night

Beyond the Night

While running a free medical clinic in the 1960s, missionary couple John and Bettie Dreisbach face heavy government opposition in their attempt to preach the Gospel to the Muslim community of West Africa.

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RajRaj W (nl) wrote: A good one, cant remember the story though I have read the books.

Kendall I (ag) wrote: A fun,crazy movie about Cowboy and Indian's misfortune in hilarity. The stop motion is some of he most beautiful I'v ever seen! The story moves slow,but comedy kind of makes up for it. And so does fun. I had been waiting for this movie to come out for a long time when I saw it advertised since I was such a big fan of the short films on Nick. ANd I will say,I was a little dissapointed,but not by a whole lot. Overall,good.

Jordan J (kr) wrote: Unlike National Lampoon's Vacation, this movie is full of terrible jokes that aren't funny and has no replay value. This movie wouldn't even be worth being sold for a dollar. I wouldn't even watch it again for free. F-

Daniel D (ca) wrote: Um dos maiores filmes da histria do cinema Brasileiro... mas muita frescura pra bandido que no valia nada!!

danny d (ru) wrote: the original iron monkey is one of the all time great kung fu films. revenge isnt empty in this film as the hero seeks revenge which will also lead to the salvation of the shaolin temple and many other rebels. the kung fu is well choreographed and the story is interesting, overall a great martial arts classic.

Tasos L (au) wrote: I enjoyed it..Pretty good for a night time cup. It reminded me of Stephen King's Cujo. I would say it's a secret little diamond of the 80s!

Matthew C (es) wrote: Another Western by Anthony Mann, starring Jimmy Stewart, this is more what you expect from Stewart. Sure, he's got a shady past, but he's basically a good guy who wants to make a new life for himself with some settlers. Issues of forgiveness and second chances are central to the story, which is mostly standard Western stuff. It's good, but nothing special.