Beyond The Poseidon Adventure

Beyond The Poseidon Adventure

After "The Poseidon Adventure", in which the ship got flipped over by a tidal wave, the ship drifts bottom-up in the sea. While the passengers are still on board waiting to be rescued, two rivaling salvage parties enter the ship on search for money, gold and a small amount of plutonium.

Beyond The Poseidon Adventure follows two rivaling salvage partiesattempting to gain the salvage rights of a sinking luxury cruise ship, and they all end up inside the doomed thing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (mx) wrote: Cuando la vi por primera vez, hace unos aos, me encant.Ahora me parece vieja y pasada de moda, grosera y de un humor zafio y sin gracia...

nick t (br) wrote: Interesting documentary film about West Indian cricket with a glimpse into the people and the politics that shaped a fearsome team. From being thrashed in front of racist crowds in Australia in 1975 to the "black wash" in England in 1984, the rise of the West Indies team is chronicled. The personal struggles and behind the scenes footage show a team bound together against racism, poor pay and the media. Well-produced and places the team's success in the fascinating context of the black power movement.

tomnisha d (es) wrote: 'want to see movie is real good

Amber L (de) wrote: I liked this movie. At first Ned's comments on black people were offensive. But it was still very touching.I enjoyed it a lot.

Private U (gb) wrote: Another Troma gem, their first foray into digital film making. Tales from the Crapper stars Julie Strain. It's the awful films awful film, and it's good fun for anybody who likes fat guys, exploding breasts, Asian butt holes, and fart jokes.

James C (de) wrote: It took me a long time to warm into this movie. It plays out like a biopic and there is initially a lot of exposition and we have to sit through a lot of voiceover and repetition before we get into the crux of it. But as you become more accustomed to the style of the movie, (I actually had to watch it in two parts because I couldnt get far enough through the first time), you begin to realize that this is quite a beautifully aesthetic piece of cinema. Very arty yes, slightly pretentious perhaps, but exquisitely beautiful nonetheless and perhaps for that a lot of the credit must go to the alluring Vivian Wu.

Warren W (us) wrote: I'm always a sucker for a Washington State movie! i like Kris Kristoferson (Spelling?) Devine as a bad ass hood! Keith Carradine with a weird hairstyle! the Space Needle! View of the Alaskan Way viaduct! View of a Washington State Ferry on Puget Sound! Quote: Guy taking job applications to Keith Carradine: "Well, you'll the early bird who DIDN'T get the worm!"

Tristan M (es) wrote: One of, if not the, worst movie about the Titanic. Of course it has to involve the Russians, and how they want the Titanic, like every movie of the time, finding a way to integrate the 'bad' Russians into the movie. One of the worst things about this movie, is how they don't even really care for the Titanic, all they want with it is the material hidden inside of it so they can built a superweapon. Bobody seems to care about the ship itself, all they want is the material and that's that. The first 50 minutes just bored me, it simply wasn't very interesting, noting of significance happened, and it was dull. The rest after that got better, and the best and coolest part of the movie is when the Titanic rose to the surface, and my favorite part, when it broke through the surface in slow motion. That was the only real thing that I found really cool, and after a brief celebration, it was all about the Russians again. But rear the end when the intact ship was towed into New York, were it should have arrived had it not sunk, because it was cool watching it finally finish its infamous maiden voyage. The movie really shows the scale of ship well, but it's too bad the movie turned out how it did. It was an extremely expensive movie to produce, and it shows, but it also shows why the producers didnt get anywhere near making a profit. So not a very good movie, in terms of cinematography, excitement, or realism, because nothing that happened could have ever happened in real life. It's also from a different perspective than we are now used to, because this movie was made before the Titanic was discovered, and the ship is now in two pieces, not the intact and perfect ship the movie portrays it as. Just a fake, unbelievable movie in every way possible. Watch the 1997 Titanic instead

AwSm (it) wrote: owns it One of my Favs classic

June B (gb) wrote: As much as this movie was panned by critics and audiences, I still enjoyed it. See Kevin smith's review

Gianluca B (nl) wrote: Il tipico film che non si vede l'ora finisca.

Jason C (mx) wrote: Watched this again today. A very good movie w/ an allstar cast of young faces who are all top notch actors.