Beyond the Road

Beyond the Road

Santiago, a twenty-something Argentinean, takes a boat to Montevideo to claim land willed to him by his parents. On his way out of the capitol, he notices Juliette, a young Belgian woman who was also on the boat. After discovering they're heading in the same direction, the two travelers hit the road together.

Santiago arrives in Montevideo for resolving disputes related to inheritance. He travels to meet the land and on the way to Punta del Este, gives a ride to Juliette, a young Belgian looking for a boyfriend from the past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jimmy H (us) wrote: This was funny and entertaining through and through. Just a sweet genre picture that really made the best of a small budget.

Rebecca L (jp) wrote: Familiar story line. Pleasantly surprised by the good music.

Foong M (fr) wrote: I was surprise this was on the list of recommended movie, as the stories are not especially touching. But the actors and actress are awesome! Good career for Michelle and the young boy played by Jimmy Bennett.The angle of the camera is good, protruding an ordinary life by characters in the movie. But the story was so trivial that it left nothing after the end of the show.....

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Eduardo S (jp) wrote: me gusto pero es muy triste y desoladora

Kyle M (ca) wrote: The animation sequence in this film is more enjoyable than the plain live action sequence. Although it's a good combination, but most of the live action sequence is just cruel to watch. Selick had directed another fun family animated feature after "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with a good animated heart - and a cameo appearance from the latter. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Ray J (au) wrote: A classic drama that will entrance you royally.


Nick B (br) wrote: I thought this movie was slow and dumb. I only watched it to (1) see the scene where they both say "daaaaaaaamn," the one that's in all the vine videos, and (2) to hear "bye Felicia."

Logan M (it) wrote: "Gone With the Wind" is hardly a timeless cinema classic. In addition to just being plain boring, it romanticizes racist aspects of southern life during the mid-1800s.