Beyond the Walls

Beyond the Walls

Paulo, a young pianist, meets Ilir, a double-bass player originally from Albania. It's love at first sight. Confronted by Anka, Paulo finds himself out on the street. Despite Ilir's misgivings, Paulo moves in with him. One day, when Paulo promises that he will love Ilir for the rest of his life, Ilir leaves the city and doesn't return. A few days later, Paulo finds out that Ilir is in jail, and the two lovers embark on an heart-breaking relationship.

Paulo, a young pianist, meets Ilir, a bartender and bass guitar player originally from Albania. They become lovers. Confronted by his girlfriend Anka, Paulo finds himself out on the street.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Beyond the Walls torrent reviews

Aswath V (us) wrote: Breezy movie. Brilliant music and excellent acting by all. Only pain point was having to watch it on Kalaingar TV with million breaks

Tushar K (gb) wrote: A Strong Movie about youth And Politics. Great Performances.

Mira H (ag) wrote: Ranii & Hrithik !!! .. Kesa Faksa bs tamseel 7elw awy

Ram P (es) wrote: Enjoyed it. The acting was mostly topnotch and the script is without fault. However I didn't find anything here that I felt catapulted this above comparable films...

Indira S (es) wrote: a darker version of "It's Kind of a Funny Story"

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: The gist here is simply to enjoy Orwell's popular take on the rise and fall of Communism, which is still in a pretty creative way. The animation, for 1954, ain't bad either, but its the story that carries the efforts entirely.

Maurice B (kr) wrote: Similar to "Cheeky" but nowhere near as good.

Nick D (au) wrote: I have no idea why this movie got bad reviews, this movie was awesome! ???

Bob L (mx) wrote: i would rate this zero stars if i could. one of the worst movies i have ever seen

Matthew B (kr) wrote: Precious example of the picks-up-right-where-the-last-one-left-off horror. Pretty nice sequel that changes it's plot in midstream.

bill s (es) wrote: Streisand's best's all on her for better or worse and she really delivers..

Bront Y (br) wrote: Incredibly dated, but somehow timeless.

Yash B (kr) wrote: A great Bond flick. Its so much fun that you buy into some of the absurdity. Easily Connery's best installment.

Francisco L (us) wrote: One fact is that the script isn't the best and the plot isn't very original, however Mark Waters can give a clever and new direction to the end of the story.

Charlie 7 (de) wrote: One of the most shocking and intriguing horror films I've ever seen that is worth every penny.